What do girls want/ how do you flirt/ how do you know a girl likes you genuinely/ screw it someone just give me all they know on dating?

Alright like my previous questions have stated I'm in a odd spot "I think" I'm a very outgoing, funny, and socialy active guy who is always making the class laugh and every guy wants to hang around me, I'm also nice to everyone and give everybody the attention/ respect they give me (for example if a kid everyone hates talks to me I will talk to him) but for some reason all girls HATE me, basically I'm goofy all the time, make stupid jokes (like bad puns), snarky side comments about lessons, and some vulgar/ morally gray humor, I'm cool with everybody from the "nerds" to the "popular" kids. Again I'm loved by over half the schools but all girls HATE me, by hate I mean no girls will acknowledge me, no girls wiould even dance with me at homecoming, and every random girl I've approached has always ended up either walking away from me or ignoring me, Is their some kind of female campaign agaisnt me? Are two or three bad jokes enough to turn away all girls? Do you think I'm actually not as liked as I think I am? Or am I going about this question all wrong? Thanks for answering and have a good night


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  • Because you seem to be somewhat of a jokester, perhaps the ladies think your trying to turn them into a joke. If there are rarely anytimes where you are serious about matters she may not take you seriously. A girl likes to laugh don't get me wrong, but if it comes off as someone is trying too hard or overdoing it, it can rub a girl the wrong way.

    • Well shit, thanks for responding

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    • Well you can still have a sense of humor just take it down a notch. Don't just approach a random girl to get with her, but maybe partner up with a girl and ask her about herself and get to know her better.

    • Ok, but any specific details on how to approach a girl? I'm sorry about the whole 20 Questions but Prom is coming up so I need a date fast

  • Maybe we want a serious guy


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