Is he asking for another chance?

Kay long story short.. me and this guy met off Tinder almost a year ago now. It was supposed to be a one night stand but we had so much physical chemistry that we started seeing each other every week. He would text me first 90% of the time, as I don't text guys first, especially hook ups. We never went out on a real date, just chill in at each other places, drinking, talking and getting to know each other.

It died out randomly in October. I didn't hear from him till Christmas break where he hoped I remembered him and if I still wanted to see him. Beginning of Jan he took me out for drinks, and didn't contact me again till a month later, going to a movie on Valentine's weekend.

Another month went by, where he contacted me on St. Pattys day (at like 9pm) two days ago asking what I'm doing. I told him where I was and he said "Oh true yeah I'm closer to your area but my friends don't want mission up there". And I told him to have fun, and that it's not considered an effort unless he actually physically shows up to see me. He wanted to argue about it and how "he tried" and asked when I'm going to see him again. Then I told him I was no idea and he told me I was playing hard to get. Didn't respond.

Now he texts me asking if he can get a chance to impress me. What do you think? Is he being sincere?


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  • I think he is

    • I told him "Let me take a guess…with your penis" (cause we've always hooked up) and he responded "And a movie?"
      Hmm, what do you think? Is he only looking for sex or does he want to invest into relationship?

    • Invest in a relationship or a friends with benefits type thing

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  • the question is do you see this guy more than just some hook up that's why they say one night stands can lead into a relationship

    • Okay well after he sai she wants another chance to impress me, I said "Let me guess - with your penis" And then he said "and a movie?" I was like "Meh". Them he asked "What will it take", and I told him to think of something he'll think I'll really like and I'll let him know if he's going to be seeing me. Then straight away, he said "Say up late all night drinking, talking, and f*ckng". Those were fun times, but I was hoping he'd take me out for a nice dinner or something. Doesn't feel like he has much respect for me. I haven't replied yet… Should I?

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