Is this a joke?

Okay, so I like this guy. According to like everyone, he's asked out everyone they all turned him down. I catch him looking at me a lot. I told him I liked him he said he liked me too. His friends are kinda inappropriate, and joke a lot. I told him I liked him over text. We don't talk a lot at school (not in any of the same classes) He asked me out. I turned him down (embarrassed) I told him to ask when were better friends. He's like how about on Friday (two days) now thats tommorow. I think my friends might know him better than me. They call him a creep and a weirdo. I don't exactly know why this would be a joke but my gut tells me it is. He asked me on text today if its okay if we hold hands when we date. I say "um why?" he said "Well its just I would hands with you." I said it was fine. But thats when I started thinking its a joke. He's going to ask me tommorow to go out and i kinda have to say yes now. Im quite nervous. Im scared he's gonna tell me this is a joke. By the way he's two grades above me. But were only like a year apart in age. Im also pretty young. I am actually in 6th grade but don't say im too young please. Im like a year older than everyone in my grade. I know that doesn't really make a difference but yeah thats why were only like a year apart in age. Anyways, so what do you think? Is this a joke does he really mean it?


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  • I understand what you mean I've gone through the same mess. Guys at our age are very immature but you have to see passed that. If you strongly think it's a joke I say you stay away, but if you feel you love him then date him. Don't turn him down because you feel it's the right thing to do. Date him if you feel he's worth it regardless of what your friends may think.