Does she like me?

so there's this girl. i met her a little more than a year ago, in senior year of high school. we hit it off immediately. we became pretty good friends. recently we started to hand out again. we held eachothers hands a few times in high school but it never went further than that because she had a boyfriend (still with him). i've seen her twice in the past month and she always gives me these very long beautiful hugs. like i mean considerably longer than everyone elses at one point i did this stupid trick where you act like your going to give someone something but instead you hold the persons hand (its really dumb i did it because my friend that was there showed me it a few days before). i did it as a joke to her but when i went to let go she held on. then we where all walking and she looked to me with her hands out and said "my hands are cold" i kinda brushed it off because she had both her hands out and i wasn't sure if she wanted me to hold them, and finally at my friends house we were on his couch and she was lying there and i was on the couch next to her and she put her hand out for me to hold. so i did they werent cold anymore and i kinda rubbed her hand with my thumb a bit. is that weird? moving your thumb on a girls hand when holding it?
she's not like this with any friend that we have just me that i know of. she's a very pretty girl. we've never really been alone with her, always hanging out with other friends. she has a boyfriend :( i wouldn't really try to make a move on her normally but im trying to get over this other girl. should i try to make a move on her? ask her out for a coffee or something? honestly i really like this girl if i make a move on her and i see she wants me im probably going to make her choose between me or her bf.

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  • Yea, she does


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