Okay, so being 18... I've always wondered, what is considered too old and too young to date at my age?

I just want to know what everybody else's opinion. I never dated any guy more than 2 years older/younger in age from me, but I'm still pretty young, so age matters in certain cases. but yeah, I've always preferred/is attracted to men around 5-10 years older than me, even when I was younger.. AND NO. I do not want a "sugar daddy", I'm not a pedophile... this is just a question... But yeah, anyways, I'm obviously not going to try to pursue anything with much older guys, especially at my current age.


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  • Many people feel (myself included) that it's best to date someone who is in a similar life stage as you. You're in a similar place in terms of life experience, goals, priorities, interests, and so on, so you're less likely to encounter the types of problems people often do when dating someone in a different life stage.

    So, for example, if you're in college, dating someone who is also in college, rather than someone who has been working for a number of years and is looking for marriage and children.

    Personally, when I was younger, the idea of dating an older man was appealing in some ways. For example, they seem mature, have their "life together" (a job, a car, their own house, etc.). An older man being interested in you can make you feel special and like you must be really mature for your age for him to be into you.

    Now that I'm older, I see that a lot of older men who want to date women much younger than them are shallow and immature. They want to date young women mostly for their looks and because they see them as naive and easier to manipulate. There is a power difference between an 18 year old and say, a 28 year old, and a lot of men will take advantage of that. Some will use their life experience over you (i. e. not listening to your opinions/claiming to be right about everything because they have more life experience than you, or invalidating your feelings by saying that you're being "immature"); or some young people feel the need to prove that they really are mature enough so they go along with what the older person says, or hide their real emotions about things for fear of being seen as immature.

    Obviously not all older guys who date younger women are like this, but I do think it's something to be cautious about.


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  • I relate to this 100% and would also like to know the answer to this question! I feel like how old you look could also play a role in peoples answers to the question.

  • Five years older should be OK as that is only 23 but if I were you I would not go much older but I don't know

    • Yeah, I don't know... the youngest I'd go nowadays is 19, and I;s probably go way higher than that lol

    • Well age shouldn't matter too much (unless he is sure old) look for love