I have been making an effort to show interest, but I dont know if that train has past?

This is my situation right now: I met a guy, we liked each other from the start, second time we met he came over, we cuddled and watched a film, he commented that i acted so indifferent and after that he has kinda pulled away. Im guessing its because he's interested in me, but isn't sure what i feel or stand. So i have been trying to make much more effort to talk to him and show interest etc.

I dont know what to do anymore, how can i show im interested or is it too late? to begin with he was very eager and wrote to me all the time, and after the "situation" he changed.. we still talk everyday, but it comes across as he's being a bit careful... I want to hang out this weekend, but one one hand i want him to ask me to hang out, but then on the other hand i know that i kinda have to prove me interest in him, so i might have to ask him.. advice?
PS: im inexperienced and insecure, and it is because of that i haven't beem "able" to show interest because its so new to me etc


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  • Go ahead and ask him to 'Hang out this weekend' here, dear. You both need to sit down and have a serious convo About------The "Situation." It seems you both got off on the wrong foot somewhere and it may not be too late to fix it.
    Open lines of convo are one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship. Without it, it can go dead real quick in the water.
    Explain to him about how you are feeling and tell him you are sorry, you are 'Inexperienced and insecure,' and could he please have a little patience? If he agrees, then see where it goes from there. Hopefully, you both can meet one another half way in this process.
    However, if he continues to be like a scared duck, and is still a 'Bit careful,' maybe together you both can work together so one day you can finally Come together and things would have been "Changed" by then.
    Good luck. xx

    • im going to try, i just need to woman up a bit lol and thanks.!

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie... take it slow with the flow with Joe and see where it takes you...:)) xxoo

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  • he said you acted indifferent after you cuddled and watched tv together? i would think that you were not indifferent but instead it's him being indifferent. drop him as fast as you can!

  • Just tell him. He probably is still interested in you. Explain you don't know how to show interest but you are interested.

    • i am.. but i dont know how or if i should ask him to hang out.. im guess im affraid of getting rejected i guess... so i have to woman up lol

    • Yeah you do he made the initial effort it's not fair to expect him to do all the work. You need to make an effort too.

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