How to not appear like I'm only interested in what he does/his money?

I've started going on dates with a man who is obviously quite well of, the thing is I do not want to ask questions about his work etc because I don't want to appear like I am only interested in his money like some women I'm sure he's dealt with in the past, even though I have a well earning job and have travelled a tremendous lot for my work- I am a chemical engineer for an oil and gas company and he knows that. But I feel compelled, because that's how you get to know someone right, plus I am curious? Any tips?


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  • 1) Ask and make it clear that you're just curious.
    2) Continue to pay your own way.

    It really is that simple.


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  • pay for your own dinner. his too if you really want to. don't expect him to work for it cause we all know time is money. no stress, no expectations, and you're good. and i guess if he hates his job dont talk about work... if its something he's passionate about i dont see why not but there's a difference in being interested in his work and being interested in the power / money / social status it brings

  • Pay for your half and talk about all the things you want. Mention that you are curious, it helps.


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