What should you do if you like your best friend but you are dating her cousin?

TLDR I like my girlfriends cousin. that cousin is my bestfriend.
The long of it is this. My best friend, lets call her Kayla, and I have been friends for 3 years now and we constintly hang out and talk. My girlfriend, she'll be Helen, and I have been together for over 2 years. I found out as Helen and I started dating the she and Kayla were cousins and recently I've realized that I actauly have a big crush on Kayla, at the same time me and Helen are super close, I think I maybe in love with her. My delema is that I Skype and Roleplay with Kayla on a daily baises and I'm begaining to want to annouce or act on my feelings. this is bad for obvious reasons. I'm just really confused, Can you tell I'm only 17, and need abit of advice and I didn't feel comfrotabled asking any of my friends because of their relationships with me and these two beautful girls. So Now I'm here please help!


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  • Well whatever the case, you're going to have to talk to Helen about this and sooner rather than later. It seems to me that you're not at all sure about what to do with your feelings and what you want and you need to take the time and space to think about that. It could very well be that your feelings for Kayla simply are (or will be) stronger than your feelings for Helen and that may well mean that you'd rather be with her than with Helen. If that's the case then Helen deserves to know, because that says something about how much you really want to be with her.

    All that being said, don't make too rushed decisions and don't let either of these girls pressure you into making a decision (but also don't make either of them wait for you to make one either). Situations like these are difficult to deal with in life and it takes a lot of wisdom to know how to deal with them in a mature way.

    • I really do like Helen and think that she's a better fit for me but that being siad I'm drawn to Kayla for some reason I don't quite understand. (she isn't the type of girl I normaly crush on or go after) But thank you a lot for this answer and I think your right maybe I should take a step back.

  • Ask for a threesome.

    • Ummm... I'm not at all sed to say No to that one

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