I told him I don't like him back but I think I do?

So I've been dating this guy and yesterday I told him that I'm not ready for a relationship and that I don't want it, and then I told him that I don't have strong feelings for him.. He got pretty upset but then we talked and I thought it would be ok and we can still talk but then he said that he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore for a while because he needs to get over me and that he will look for other girls.. He said that we can text sometimes but I don't think he will text me anymore, he basically said "goodbye good luck and i hope you will find a guy that you're gonna trust 110%". I never realised that maybe I liked him because I'm so sad and I've been crying so much and also in school and god I don't know I regret it but also I don't. I messed it up and he won't talk to me anymore. Maybe I have feelings for him but I'm seriously scared of a relationship and serious things because I don't wanna get hurt, and I told him that. Is he really worth my time now or should I forget about him? My friends said that he is an idiot if he won't talk to me anymore. I'm such a weak person and everything is my fault. We both are 16 years old.


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  • I think that you should ask this question to yourself. I recommend you to think about this situation deeper, you're the only one who can say what you feel. If you're not sure, if you regret but at the same time you don't, maybe it's better to let this go. However, the final say is yours.


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