He hasn't called!!?

Went on a 1st date a week ago, thought things went really really well but now I haven't heard from him! Usually I'd assume he just wasn't interested &get ova it but during the date he's went as far to say he was actually having a good time and pointing out my assets ie that I have nice eyes etc.. and when I went to drop him home I thought he'd just get out of the car and leave but no! we stayed talking, laughing and making out for like another half a at least. He initiated this too, and no he's not some sleazy guy after just one thing, he didn't try any naughty stuff, he's bn the perfect gentleman.

Its been really hard to catch up with his work hours clashing with mine etc.. so I met him 3wks prior to our date, there had bn phone calls from him and there has bn many txts. The date was kinda a random last min thing meeting up after he finished work at 10 o'clock at night, which I wouldn't usually b keen on but thought I'd have to wait another 3wks if I didn't, so when I went to drop him home it was around 2 and we were both getting a lil tired, not to mention he had to be up in like 5hrs but he still initiated the make out session, thought all this pointed towards signs of a good date...have I missed something...? Why haven't I heard from him?

Also he told me to text him to let him know I got home okay but I didn't text him till 12hrs after I left I was worried I'd come across to keen and I know stupid stupid me a couple of days later I text him again, I thought the msg may have came across a lil slack even tho I was only messing & that's y I hadn't heard from him but still...nothing :( HELP! this is the first guy I've enjoyed spending time with in ages, he ticked a lot of boxes for me not to mention he's a looker. I'd really like to see him again, what should I do?


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  • He sounds like a douche. Sorry to say it but, chances are he was just after sex. He kept you hanging for 3 weeks to see how much you were into him, and then asked you for a last minute date late at night in the hopes that you would jump at the chance and something would happen. I know it's hard to hear when you like someone, but I've been in this same situation before myself. Don't allow him to make you feel insecure about the situation. If he had as good a time as he said he did, then he would be contacting you all the time asking to see you again. He might be a looker but he probably knows it, and you can bet the reason why he made you wait three weeks was because he was dating other women.

    I probably sound really skeptical and stuff, but it's the best way to be, because then you won't feel dissapointed when you realise he's just a smooth talker.

    If you still want to see him, then let him do the chasing. Like he said, you've got gorgeous eyes etc so let his actions speak louder than his words.

    Hope this helps :S


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  • Sorry, he's just not that into you. If he was he would be calling/texting/anything really to communicate with you.


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  • Wanacot got it right. He's just not that in to you.

    A little secret. Both girls and guys need at least a good 24 hours after a date to really figure out where they stand with seeing that person again. They could have truly enjoyed your company and, yes, kissed you, made out, asked you to let them know you are okay, and even with all of that, they can come away later just realizing this isn't going to work for them.

    Dating and relationships are about so much more than initial chemistry or a fun makeout session. He may have realized he isn't ready for regular dating, or may have thought twice about what he imagined continuing to see you would be like. Pretty much every date you have with someone, even the beginning of a relationship, could be the last. At any point either one of you can find out something that they just don't care for and not want to go any further. It's a bummer but it is true.