Which girl should I take?

So there are two girls that like me but I don't know who is better for long-term.

Girl 1: she is very beautiful and smart because she goes to university. To be honest she looks like a model and I bet that a lot of boys are interested in her. We get along very well and I love talking to her. It feels like she understands me which is very important in a relationship.
BUT sadly she is not really religious, sometimes she dresses like a slut, she does not pray and another thing which bothers me is that she eats so little..

Girl 2: she is also beautiful but not as beautiful as girl 1, she dropped out of School and works somewhere where she doesn't get well paid. Sometimes she is really annoying and we often argue..
BUT she is very religious and wears hijab (my parents like her), that is a big plus..

Which one sounds better?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think second one who wears hijab would be a good choice... I like religious girls and who wear hijab but i am not Muslim that's why i can't ask them..

    I don't know about looks and other things about girls you have mentioned... In future i guess there would be agrument about dressing sense of first one and she would never wear hijab and that could be the serious issue in ling run..
    Just my opinion.. think yourself


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What Girls Said 4

  • If you have to choose between women, then your doing this wrong. Women aren't a catalog, you don't just get to choose all the ones you like. And the fact that beauty and all these materialistic things seem to be what your focusing on, is pretty shallow.

    So neither.
    Because nobody wants to be an option

  • Neither because the 1st girl is not modest which is obviously a bad thing and 2nd girl would get into arguments with you which that your relationship with her won't last long.

  • Pick the one that is more cost efficient. I'm being serious.

    • But why? I think they're equally expensive. Girl 1 is into fashion and books/movies but girl 2 is into fancy restaurants and i think she needs a lot of financial support...

    • Well, which one is more humble?

  • You are not good enough for either of them. So I voted neither.

    • I agree with you, letting others choose who he should be with, is a lack of respect towards those girls.

What Guys Said 2

  • Neither. This is not a grocery store where you pick the apple that looks better to you. You don't ask others, strangers in this case, who you should choose, it should be your heart the one that tells you. You don't have feelings for them, so don't choose any of them, you'll be doing them a favor.

  • If your religion really matters to you, Girl 2. If you want to be like the rest of us in the West, Girl 1.

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