Omg this guy just totally poured his heart out to me and I don't know how to feel or react about it?

This guy that I used to talk to months ago, but broke up with text me out of the blue today asking me to please call him. I did and he just laid it all on the line. He started telling me how much he misses me, how much he cares about me, he misses my energy around him my smile etc. He said that I care about him more than his own father and that I deserved to be appreciated. Then he apologized for not showing me how much he cared about me and making me feel like didn't. He admitted that he's scarred from things that he went through in his life with people that was supposed to be there for him turning their backs on him. Then he asked me did I love him, because he loves me. I don't know what to even think now, he asked to set up a dinner or lunch date with me whenever I had the time. I never knew he felt this way about me, he said he's good at hiding his feelings., but he wants me in his life forever. Is he being honest? Does he really love me? I was moving on from him, now this... Ughh!


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  • sounds like he is asking for forgiveness and a second chance, I would say go for it !!

    • He is, I'm just shocked that he poured his heart out to me like that. He said he just wants to hug me. Is he really in love with me or just love me? There's a difference.

    • In love... NO but maybe down the road. Hecant possibly be "in love" with out being with you

    • He actually lied to me and never took me out on the date, I broke things off again with him yesterday after not hearing from him in a week, and when I did text him he pretended to not even know who I was and who I was looking for, even though I said his name :(

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  • Well you have two options:

    1) Say you feel the same way


    2) Jump up and down on his heart and yell woohoo!

  • he's being honest

    • Actually he wasn't he returned to his same douche bag ways :/

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