What did she mean by this?

My boyfriends sister in law asked me to be their sons godparent for his baptism. I told her to ask my bf because if he didn't plan on being with me forever then,it would be kind of awkward lol. She called him and he said that It's up to me and I have to decide if I want to be with him forever too. His sister in law told him well your the one that has to ask the question. I then talked to her and asked if he sounded like he wants to be with me forever And she said he didn't say otherwise. What did she mean by that?


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  • Forget talking to her! This is between you and your bf ONLY!

    • We have talked about it before and it seems like we both want too. But having him tell someone else that would mean a lot to me as well.

    • I understand, but you have to be totally sure from him... don't depend on others. Family can also lie and be manipulative to undermine relationships.

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