Advice for girls who haven't been in a relationship before?

So any advice for girls who haven't been in a relationship? How to keep the guy when first begining to date? How to not be creepy? How to make him still want you? advice from girls and guys! You can give more advice that is at all relevant to my question and isn't one of the things i listed in my details (:Thanks!


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  • Just be yourself... some compromises are inevitable but never change who you are just to keep a guy. If he does not like the real you then to hell with him... he was not the right guy for you.

    • So like thing like being forward about my feelings which might come off creepy to him? Just embrace them and to hell with him?

    • You always have to keep the other persons feeling in mind... never hurt some one for no reason but for major issues you have to be true to yourself. If you compromise whats really important to you eventually you will be angry and the relationship will be toast anyway.

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  • Always show him interest... if you like him of course!

    I would say the number one killer of any relationship, is one or both sides not making an effort.

    For things to survive, both parties have to show they are still interested in one another to make it last.


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