When is the right time to make a move?

I've been texting this guy fir a couple of weeks and flirting with him fir a month. I'm 95% sure he likes me, but we don't get to see each other loads (only really in four lessons, since it's a little awkward to hang out round all our friends at lunch, who keep making comments about us!). I really want to spend more time with him, and I'm not above asking him out, especially as the two and a half week Easter break's coming up next Friday . But could it be too soon? Would I just scare him off if I asked now?


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  • Hello CupKate,
    you probably could invite him to do something that would just be the two of you at any time this week, tomorrow, or today, and he'd say yes.
    The thing to be careful of is to make sure that he's clear on what you're asking, how much of a commitment you want from him, if you expect any commitment at all at this point. When you ask him (because I hope you will), his thoughts will probably fall into one of three categories:
    1: Spending more time with CupKate sounds great. Yes, let's do this!
    2: Is she asking me on a date? Are we dating if I say yes?
    3: Is she asking me to be her boyfriend? I mean, she's really smart and funny, but I don't know her very well yet.
    2 and 3 there are where he might get scared, so just make it clear that you're looking to spend more time with him, without putting any name to what sort of interaction you two have, and you should be fine :)

    • Thanks for very much for your answer! Very helpful :) I may not ask him after all, as he's gone a bit off the radar with his messages, and didn't even acknowledge me giving him my number

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