Is this a weird date?

My boyfriend and I want our next date to be to a furniture store, a popular international market (Jungle Jim's), and then to a pet store. Is this a weird date? Whats your opinion?

There's no reason that we'd want to do this. We just think it'd be fun.


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  • ... We just think it'd be fun...
    It sounds as though you worked out all the particulars as to What you both Particularly wanted to do together, PrincessCupcakee. It appears here, dear, you both share similarities, have the same interests, and anything from soup to nuts, if it is okay with you two, then I am smiling from ear to ear because you both have this 'Next date' arranged where it seems you have the some special spark and this is what chemistry is all about.
    I also am sensing that you both are comfy with one another, like an old chair that you both even share.
    Good luck and enjoy. xx


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  • Yes, it is, and no, this was not helpful


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  • maybee you should explain why you guys want to go on a date like this?