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Hi, my friend said she could date a man I had been seeing 3 months earlier because I hadn't claimed him by sleeping with him. She actually used the word claimed. Is that how you claim a guy? Am I the only person who would be mad at someone for saying they claimed me by having sex with me?


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  • Excuse me if I'm naive and not really the right person to share an opinion (obviously I've never had sex- it's not legal yet) but I think it's wrong to say you can 'claim' people at all!! Let alone 'claim' them through sex!
    If somebody said they had 'claimed' me I would not be impressed. I agree with you and although your friend was right to ask, it's not right for anyone to 'claim' anyone- especially if you're not even together!! (Not that I'm accusing you of that)
    In my eyes nobody can claim anyone and especially not by sleeping with them. Maybe it's just me but I see that as wrong...
    Hope this helped. Good Luck
    Lucy xx

    • Thanks! This person had been my friend for over 10 years and was telling me it was okay for her to date a guy who ended things with me for having depression.

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    • Thanks :)

    • And if he broke up with you because you were depressed I hope you bounce back and show him you're better than that and him.