How do I express my feelings in a right way?

I've been talking to this for almost 2 years now and weve been always okay butn it feels like its getting more and more complicated each day because we live in the same island which is oahu, hawaii but different cities. its a little bit far because he lives at the beach side. we only see each other every weekend and i know its not enough and its really hard but im strong enough to handle all the situations. i love him so much that im not planning on giving up on him. But he doesn't know what he wants and he thinks he's not good enough for me but he doesn't uderstand that he really makes me happy and he's not hurting me. just the thought of loosing him makes me want to breakdown. What do I tell him? I really love this guy and I want things to work out. I really do. What do I say?


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  • say all that above to him, he would feel awesome nd will be yours, its sooo sweet to read all that, even it was never for me xD nd if you say or send all this to him, you'll get your work done


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