How do I survive the current and next semester with this guy?

So i started studying a few months ago
Classes are nice i have a lot of friends. But i find it hard focusing on studying now.
My problem is one of my two friends in that school. (one is a girl and one is a guy)
At first this guy looked like a really nice guy and i didn't mind him much.
Later on he started teasing me (After i removed my glasses he kept asking me if im single and told me im really beautiful).
And then we three waited for our lesson and he started asking me about my "love life" and found out im 21 and a virgin (we also found out we were born at the same date 3 years apart).
After that he started asking me if i wanna hook up with one of his friends and said that if he didn't have a gf he'd take me for himself.
He tends to talk about sex a lot not only to me but to other girls aswell.
He also asked me if i wanted to go out with him and joking about giving him a kiss.
The most recent time weve met he really changed his appearance.
and he also mentioned a pimple i had above my lip... saying its herpes (was not)
and then he said that after my first time i have to tell him how it felt and he promised that next year he would kiss me.
I guess i do like him even tho he's a total jerk and i find him very entertaining.
The thing is that if we get too close i might start taking things personally and might actually be hurt or hurt him.
Considering i have a very long time to be in the same class as him it bothers me.
Should i keep things like that?
Should i keep my distance?
Can i consider him as someone i can trust?
Should i talk to him about it?
Is he even aware of what he's doing?
what the heck should i do?

Thank you...


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  • He doesn't look like a trustworthy guy to me. If I were you I would keep my distance. And you should do that too. Its not that you also have feelings for him.

    • Well... For now i do have a tiny bit of a crush on him... but yeah...

    • woah..
      that was a surprise..
      Hey, to be honest.
      I feel like some kind of a movie scene.
      I mean, I've seen these kinda situation in lots of movies where a girl meets a badass boy. wants to avoid him but has a crush too...
      But dont worry, its totally cool. Now I think, u should stick to him. I'm not talking about any relationship stuff but just check him out. What kind of guy he really is. He might also have a good heart inside of him. If that's the case, u're good to go. u can trust him. But what if he's not good and has some bad intentions? U could end up crying cuz you already have crush on him. Though its "tiny bit". and that tiny bit crush can grow also grow into a huge one.
      choice is yours

    • The last thing i want is to actually fall in love with him.
      And since I've never acually had a bf i dont know much about male behaviour.
      I know this relationship ain't going nowhere but its so complicated when one day it seems like he's flirting and the other day he's not.
      i did try to mind him less but on that day he was trying hard to get my attention...

      This is a very complicated thing right there -___-
      Guess ill just start ignoring that guy like i should.
      Thank you for your help!

  • Just finish out the semester and interact with him only when you have to and then when the class is over forget about him forever.


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