Two guys like me, one is leaving, and there is a whole lot more! Please help?

Ok, so this is a little complicated (always is isn't it?). So my brother goes to a really good boarding school, I want to make that clear because they aren't delinquents. Whenever I go to the school, these two guys who aren't friends with each other come over and talk to me for THE WHOLE TIME. I'm interested in one of them (Let's call him A), but the other one (how about B) is always there. B is very cute and nice and gentlemanly and I like him as a friend, but none of the feelings are there. I have a pretty big crush on A and he's also cute and nice and gentlemanly, but whenever I talk to him, I literally cannot get away from him till I leave the school because he talks to me so much. It starts to feel kinda possessive, and because we aren't dating it seems like a red flag to me. Also, I'm a Junior in High School, and so is B, but A (Senior) is leaving this year and he lives out of state so it wouldn't really work out. Everyone says to go for B (who is a Junior), but I feel bad because I don't have feelings for him. Also, my best friend met B the other day and she likes him in that way. Also, do I have first dibs or does she? I met him first, but I like A... just wondering? Neither have said anything about liking me or dating. Anyway... is it worth it to try with A? Also, how should I go about it? (This would be my first relationship. I know SHOCKER) He asked me if he could stay at my house for the weekend when my brother came home, but I said no because we aren't dating and my brother hates him. Ugh, I really like A a lot and this is stressing me out, help?

Oh, by the way A asked me to friend request him three times.


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  • If you can't decide... the neither


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  • Okay. Here is the problem, neither of them are good for you.

    A - Talks too much and is way older (not referring to age but life stand point. You are in junior high and he is a graduating SENIOR)

    B - No feelings.

    Don't force yourself to have feelings! I recommend NEITHER. Save your first for someone you really like.

    • I'm a junior in high school by the way im 16, he's 17

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    • Is possessive really a type though? I thought most guys are like that, at least the ones I know.

    • No most guys are not like that.