Is breaking someone up ever okay if you two are genuinely in love?

There is this guy and he is in love with me but has a girlfriend. They have been together for almost 2 years and he cares about her but there rela8is mostly physical and our is emotional and as you know emotional over rides physical components. by the way we are in high school we are all juniors and i just really love him. And he loves his girlfriend but he isn't in love with friend told me that i am doimgnis wrong but why do people always the other woman. I mean i am only doing what he is allowing me to do. He never put up any noundaries and he never stopped me from falling for him. And he didn't stop himself, so doesn't that mean he likes the situation that he's in? "If you fall im love with two people chose the second, because if you really loved the first you wouldn't have fallen for the sssecond. "


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  • You can't be that naive? He has gf, he loves her, he will stay with her. He is using you because he is lacking something in his relationship but clearly he is an indecent and deceitful guy and you can't trust him to be good to you when he's messing around on his gf. See the reality here, if he wanted to leave his gf he would, simple. If he wanted you then he would do anything to be with you, simple. He is taking advantage of your feelings but he isn't giving you commitment. This sounds harsh but it's better for you to respect yourself and stop making excuses like "but we really love each other" or "it's complicated", it really isn't, he's just a jerk. So how much do you value yourself? Think about his poor gf, what if that was you? Walk away.