Finding a gamer girl?

Hey gaggers i was wondering if you had any idea where you could find gamer girls, i personally am not a very social person, tbh. I currently dont have a single friend (but i dont mind that) i love gaming when i have time
But i also want a girl who games becuase honestly gaming is the thing that interesteds me the most

The problem is : gamer girls are rare (that can stand daylight, doenst have to be hot just cute :))
And that i have a very lacking social life (no friends,no sport,no club)

So if you guys have any idea then id love to hear it


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  • We dont like to advertise when we actually are gaming. So good luck finding one via that avenue.
    You would get more success with online dating, rather than just trying to find a needle in a haystack. Especially since, as the chick pointed out below, we have no social lives. :)

    Good luck!

    • Online dating like a website?, isn't that like weird to use as -25 year old :p?
      And p. s. can't i just skip all the searching and date you ;) you ain't that bad looking ;) (jk)

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    • I used a dating website for a while. Can't say im ashamed of using one under the age of 25.
      It's normally just trial and error to find people who enjoy more than one genre, console, etc (since I'm a pc gamer first and foremost). And I've met a fair amount of gamers on there. Easiest way, in my opinion. Especially when you know exactly what you're looking for.

      Very smooth, I will take that as a compliment :) so thanks :)
      With that confidence, im surprised you haven't found one already. But good luck! :)

    • Ill be honest when i say ot also easier to flirt ovrr the interwebs :p, however i always find it fun to flirt, but somehow i only find party girls what usually end after a one night stand
      (Usually looked at clubs etc , but ill geus ill find a gaming/anime convention)

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  • Your best bet is online.

  • Gamer girls are NOT rare it's just some people choose not to flaunt it around :/ I would go to a anime/gamer convention I see a lot of female gamers there.

  • Maybe on Xbox?
    My best friend is a "gamer".. When she's playing she doesn't talk because she doesn't want people to know she's a girl though. Apparently guys jump at any girl they see/hear.
    And when she does talk she makes them think she's ugly.

    • Yhea thats a thing too, i got like 75 girls in my friends list, and at least 15 of them where interested in me but they also life 1000-4000 km away from me :/

  • u can find them online, since they dont have life to. Usually just unsocial as guys.

    • Even if i meet them then i find out the life a few thousand miles away, i had a gamer girl for a while but distance in a relationship doesn't work simple as that :(

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    • Yes they mind, or... yhea they dont care xD
      However the sentence gives me mixed signals so i ask to be sure :$

    • They dont care

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  • The dream:

    The reality:

    Only joking. I know quite a few hot girl gamers, I just encountered them as part of everyday life. Have you considered seeing if there's any Meetup groups or social clubs in your area that do gaming? If you play MMOs and live in a big city there's often meets for them.

  • Lol yeah right. That would be a dream and a half. I've yet to see a gamer girl in real life

  • i don't know where maybe online gaming websites? that's hard to find try to do something else and live the real world