Which one would you go out with?

Which one would you date, one of them have light brown skin, tall probably 5"7, probably 160 pound , long hair, she's in college . Nice girl.Flat butt, big boobs. The other one have medium brown skin, very nice girl, long hair, but sometimes she wears hair extensions not all the time sometimes. She's also in college her last year in college.before she have her bachelor degree. She' s 5"00, 100 pound, medium butt ,medium boobs.

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  • Girl B sounds extremely cute. I pick her.


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  • Assuming the both have great personalities, I would pick the second girl.

    I just like shorties. :-)

  • neither cause the only attributes i care about is their weight and if they have a cute face. After that its common interests and personality

    • What do you their by weight? What's wrong with their weight?

    • nothing their just not my type

  • Both sound kinda cute


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