Guys, mixed signal been seeing eachother for a month?

He always asks how i feel but yet still wants to talk other girls n wants me to talk to other men but i dont want to i like him..weve been out on dates n have enjoyed every bit of it ..he says he's in process of getting divorced n doesn't want to rush things but yet he's sleeping with me n only me so he says..what do i do..i get mixed signals but when were togther he's so good n treats me like a gf..i love our intimacy n he does too the freaky girl he's never had.i dont know he says he likes me but yet pushes me away..i also just got out of a bad relationship n im scared but i like him that i dont care about anything else..i slept with him on our first dare but he was such a gentleman and a freat listener..i fell head over heals in love ..I've never had a guy treat me like he has


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  • then he treats you unfairly i suppose... because if he really liked you he'd forget about other girls basically!

    • Yeah he dies on my bday he said that he likes me.. i think he it's just confused due to everything in his divorce.. he said fur sure he was getting divorced.. i guess I'm just play it chill

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