1st date tips with a woman?

right... i am bi but i have never been on a date with or slept with a woman only with guys. A pretty blonde came into my bar the other night while i was working and i flirted with her as i recommended drinks for her party. now i didn't really think anything of it as i flirt with most customers although i did find myself looking at her a few times as i found her attractive. as she left she gave me her number... we've now got plans to meet for a drink.

i would like some flirting tips, like what are the best techniques for flirting with a girl. how much touching is to much? and if we do get down to it.... sex, how can i make her have a good time with me?

I know that this is really broad but I would just like to have something to go with for our date.


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  • Wow.. cool... i suggest doing the same thing... i mean treat her as you treat a guy during sex.. and do the same for her..


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