Why do nice boys not like me?

On the off chance that a guy actually talks to me instead of just looking at me or checking me out, they seem to always turn out to be jerks or players. Even confident/social guys don't approach me. They flirt with other girls though. Some would just look at me. The shyer guys don't really notice me. But almost ZERO guys talk to me. But when a guy does show interest in me, it's always the douchebags and they make it obvious. I've heard them say sexual things about me with their friends which makes me sad. I dress normal not like a slut. I'm pretty shy but people say I look mean. I'm 16.
Why don't nice/sweet like me or notice me or show interest in me?


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  • What do your friends say about your looks?

    Even though you're shy, do you smile often?

    • No unless I'm with my friends. I don't smile at boys unless they say something funny.

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    • Is that why most guys don't approach me or talk to me though?

    • Yes. Even a "faceless expression" is a no no in US society. I usually just think of something "utterly stupid" that gets me to smile.

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  • The shy "nice guys" do notice you its just that they haven't grown their tennis balls in the back yard yet I wouldn't hold my breath because they are not going to go up to you anytime soon so I suggest to go hunting the nice guys instead

  • start smiling at nicer guys otherwise they will automatically assume you dont like them and will never approach.

    • Well I don't really smile at any guy because I'm shy but I talk to guys and say hi if it's just me and him waiting outside of a class to not seem awkward instead of just looking at my phone.

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