Girls, instant Connection Required?

I have noticed that many women seem to expect an instant connection. I've seen dating profiles where a woman says "I can tell within _____ minutes of there's something there." I have noticed that many women that I went on a date with said the same thing; something along the lines of "I had a great time and you are really nice, but I just didn't feel a connection..." or some derivative thereof. So I wonder, how many women expect an instant connection? It seems like true attractions take time to develop; it seems wrong that many women I have gone on a date with seem to have a stopwatch on the date; "I expect a connection within _________ amount of time or I move on." I don't mean a date that goes terribly; I mean a date that goes well but the connection isn't there immediately.

  • Yes I expect an instant connection; if I don't feel one no second date no matter how well the date goes.
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  • No I don't expect an instant connection; if the date goes well I'll give him a second date; I'll give him a chance to form more of a connection.
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  • There usually has to be that connection because that's a spark that happens and keeps things fun in the relationship down the line, its often based on chemicals and physicality more than anything. Think about it this way: a connection makes you want to keep getting to know the person that's how we all decide who is in our life friendship or otherwise. With no connection why bother talking to them? It's like speaking to some random teller at the bank about your mom after she gives you your deposit.