How can I get him to pay more attention to me? I really needed him and he wasn't really there for me at all?

Today actually marks the 4th month of our relationship and I know it's not really that big of a deal, but I just thought by now he would give me a little more attention. I've seen him all of three times, he's never taken me out, but we text regularly. Whenever I may need his support or comfort, he never really gives me any. It leaves me feeling hurt and lonely. What should I do? I care for him a lot and I know he has a lot on his plate. His finals are coming up next week, he recently got into a car accident leaving him without his own reliable car (using someone else's, and his job revolves around transportation. I can imagine he's a little stressed and I try really hard to support him. I just can't seem to get the same back.


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  • Honestly that's more than one red flag that you are not his priority. I can tell you care since you're comforting your self with excuses. It's been 4 months!! These recent occurrences has nothing to with the lack of attention. We make time and utmost effort for the things we really want. If you're not seeing his participation in your life, find the exit door. Been there , made many mistakes and this situation is not going to be good for you. It sucks I know but don't keep suffering. Life is honestly toooo damn short.