The man I've been dating for a while wants to buy me a dress for a kinda upscale date we're having, but isn't that a little much?

I told him that's very thoughtful, but I have plenty of beautiful dresses that will work (which is true, but I was planning on getting a new one for this). He's still insisting though. He really wants to take me shopping for one for some reason. I tell him he really doesn't have to, and he says he knows, but he wants to. I feel like he's disappointed I'm refusing. Should I just give in? Maybe it's not a big deal and I'm over-thinking it.


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  • I'd just let him do it. Sounds like the date means a lot to him and he has everything planned out. Just put up with the shopping and the one date for him.


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  • Not really, its a gift. Who cares if he has the money to buy you a dress let him. If he doesn't have the cash don't let him.


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  • I think you are. Just let him buy you a dress and if you don't like it than just say so or pretend that you ruined it.

  • Over thinking? Big deal? Nooooo, you're just on a completely different track, gal.
    1. the upscale date is for his fanatsy memories... just like those fantasy makeup/photo shoot franchises... yes. this may include a photos for his wall/display
    2. the upscale date usually involves at least one friend/other that is supposed to be bowled over by his trophy GF
    3. the dresses you've exhibited to him thus far DO NOT showcase all your assets, at least not the ones he wishes to display to cultivate lust and have others covet
    4. the dress will always then be on tap for any special occasion that requires you to be the queen bee on his arm
    5. deeper thoughts can best be explained... through viewing of Hitchcock's Vertigo movie & Jimmy Stewart's obsessions over Kim Novak

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