I've just started seeing a sweet guy but I can't stop feeling insecure and needy- help?

We've only been on a few dates in the last couple of weeks(but we met several months ago) and I know he likes me but I'm not sure how much yet. We're both attracted to each other but we don't have a lot in common.
We had a nice night together last night (I haven't slept with him yet) but I can't help feeling really insecure.
I've been hurt in the past and I'm starting to really like this guy. I asked if he wanted to do something tomorrow and he said he has to help a family member with studies and may be helping all week but maybe another time; and that was all it took to get me overthinking like crazy.
I don't want to rush things, we both want to get to know each other and see what naturally happens- but how do I stop this insecure overthinking?
I haven't told him that I'm feeling like this or acted clingy by the way.

Oh I should add that last night he wanted to have sex but I said its too soon, he said he respected that but asked me to sleep over anyway which I did.
After we talked briefly today I messaged and said I'm trying not to regret not being more trusting last night and not just having fun and said have a good night. He hasn't replied yet, I assume he's busy but can't stop damn overthinking, ugh


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  • Look, the more nervous you become the more you will increase your chances of being played. Know your value, make the things harder for OTHER people and most threats will fade away automatically. Be confident and be aware of your surroundings and behind of your back (if possible)
    Good luck :)


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