Is it normal for feelings to fluctuate this much?

Sometimes I really really love him . a lot of the time actually and can't wait to see him again. Sometimes I just want to kiss him so badly . but other times I just want out. No. Not after a fight or anything. I just wake up wanting out. Randomly . but then I know I love him and so don't say anything. But at those times I question if its really love if I want out at times.
Additional details : before him , I was happily single. I was always single and I kinda miss the single life at times. It seems weird to not be single
- my parents are two of the most important people in my life and even though they have not met him , I know they will hate him . not because of who he is as a person but because he belongs to a different race and religion ( my family is very religious and orthodox)


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  • I'm engaged and I get this way too. But then I think, how lucky I am and if he's worth risking? It's not always rainbows and sunshine. I had to learn that the hard way. Just make sure it's really love you feel and you're not just comfortable. And don't be to envious of the single Because while you're envying them they're also envying you


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  • Maybe you want out because you don't want to deal with the drama with your parents. It sounds like the first thing for you to decide is whether you are willing to remain religiously observant and to marry within your religion to please your parents.

    If you decide to marry someone with a different background, you need to talk A LOT about expectations within the marriage. Really get down into the details -- where will you spend holidays, what religion will you observe if any, will the children receive religious education and what will it be, who will do the dishes, cook, etc.

  • It happens with a lot
    It's not weird
    I guess you just need some space
    And some time for yourself sometimes and it's perfectly fine :)


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