Should I try again or move on?

I broke up with the guy I was dating for some days ago because I wasn't ready for anything else and I lied and said that I don't have feelings for him anymore, I regret it so much. Anyways he said he didn't wanna have contact with me in a while because he wants to get over me.. Yesterday I was thinking that I just made a big mistake and should call him and tell him everything and try again but then in the night I saw on his snapchat story that he's on a party and then he upload a picture of him with four other pretty girls and he hugged one and the caption was "we start over now". My best friends said that I should try to forget him and move on, because he did wrong now but I don't know.. Is it worth telling him that I'm sorry and I wanna try again or should I move on? It obviously was my fault but I regret it so much and I've been crying for days, I bet he doesn't even think about me anymore because he basically already moved on.


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  • Lol wow just forget about him and what a dick move for doing that *pats your head* there there young little child there there everything is going to be fine here's a piece of candy


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  • Personally I think that you should contact this guy and tell him exactly how you feel. It is possible that the picture he uploaded was just him trying to move on and get over you, he may have just been having a fun night out to help him take his mind off you, and there's nothing to say that at the end of the night, once he got home, he wasn't thinking of you! I could be wrong, and perhaps he has been able to move on so quickly, but I would trust 'fun' pictures you see of him straight after the break up. There's no telling how genuine they are!
    I also feel that this is more about you. Don't try to second guess what this guy is doing or thinking. If you feel that you have made a big mistake, then I think you should do what you feel is right and what you want to do. Whatever comes of it, even if he doesn't want you back, then at least you have been true to yourself and been open and honest about the decision you made. You will have less regrets if you do that.
    Of course it's completely up to you and only your call, but I would suggest that you go with your feelings and be open and honest, but be open to the possibility that the outcome could go either way! Good luck! :o)

  • I think you should tell him the truth just to get it out , but also you shouldn't say it in a way to make you look like you wanna get back to him..
    You did a mistake ( Which is hiding the truth and i'm sure he didn't comprehend why you broke up with him in the 1st place ) so you gotta fix it , and have closure for you and him.. but also you shouldn't be trying to make the relationship work again.. just step back and try to move on and see what happens.. be available but don't ask for it , if you know what i mean

  • How did he do wrong when you broke it off?
    Simply you broke it off, if you regret the decision. Ring him up and let him know !! Make amends, ask him out... Good luck

  • You should begin again with beautiful smile 😊


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