What makes a guy commit/not commit to a relationship?

Putting aside generic reasons such as clingy, psycho etc. If its a nice girl and you enjoy her company, even pursue her or are dating her for a while, what makesa guy decide to take the extra step towards a relationship/committment/something serious?

Guys never commit to me so I wonder what it is


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  • 1. they usually bolt & run when they begin to feel trapped in something that would not be an ideal everyday scenario
    2. there's something amiss long term that makes only short stays palatable
    3. you ARE getting guys, so the attraction is there, so there's something about them that never matches - perhaps your meeting venues also attract the short term players and this needs to change to where the long term shoppers are
    4. perhaps your attraction strengths need to be changed so that the long term thinking guys can have a chance to meet you

    • really helpful, mind elaborating on 4? I meet regular nice guys, they seem extremely interested and really make an effort to make plans, call consistently but leave once it could lead something. These guys have usually had relationships before so I realise they have the ability to be with someone longterm. And I do get attention from guys because I'm apparently beautiful. I don't need attention from all men, just one nice guy. But even the nice guy leaves

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    • You're welcome and probably it's b/c we are opposites when solving puzzles, as I am tenacious and eventually win, although my heads hurts at times when butting that brick wall dam.

      If I may introduce a tangent as "food for thought", I think you could be more in control of some of these aspects, certainly not all of them when the dirty/crafty guys are afoot.
      TV Show The Bachelor - last episode - my take on it
      He was REALLY wanting Becca to meet him halfway, even MANY rose ceremonies prior
      and my take is that SHE could have OWNED him early on. You will remember how she was still a virgin and never got as close to any man than this one prior. She just wouldn't draw nearer. NOT saying your story is same but you are talking this might be your future.

    • My plans for future if handed this history of men
      would be to play my looks down
      get involved in anything that brings happiness to my life
      with emphasis on those social ones
      in order to rub shoulders with others of like minds
      then eventually forge friendships. some that become OPEN COMMUNICATIONS, no holds barred that
      turn into romance
      assured of leaving NO QUESTIONS marks
      if they end

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  • If she has a history of sleeping around. This automatically takes away from a girls "girlfriend" material. I want a girl who can be my best friend and feminine.


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