So I asked my crush out and I'm freaking out. What do?

we were texting as we usually do most nights, and I just decided that I should go for it. Asking in person would have been a better way to go, but I didn't really think of that until a few minutes ago.

I asked her out about an hour ago, she hasn't replied since, I guess I did put her in a bit of a spot.

But I'm freaking out so much, I really like this girl and I hope I didn't mess things up with her. I have a feeling that I'm just overthinking it and I should calm down.


Turns out i Was too late. She's interested in somebody else.

It was worth a shot


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  • Well first calm down. Yes, asking her in person would probably be better. (remember that for the next time) if she hasn't replied it either means she was so excited she broke her phone, or she doesn't like you and doesn't know what to say. It might also just be that she does want to go but doesn't know how to reply. If ask her in person the next time you see her. Don't refer to the text at all. Just retry and ask her out in person. Good luck.

    • I won't be seeing her for a few days so there's plenty of time to calm down.

      I like the sound of the first possibility, that is by far, the best case senario. (for me anyway, her phone is quite new.)

      thank you for commenting, its nice getting people's opinions on this site.

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  • Lol you remind me of myself when I was your age. First of all, mega props for actually asking her out. Most guys don't have the balls and just hope that things will magically work out without them making a move.

    Asking a girl out over text isn't the worst thing in the world since that's one of the primary methods of communication these days, but if you do see her regularly, it's probably better to it in person.

    I know you asked this 6 hours ago, and if she hasn't replied by now, she probably isn't going to (or she is doing some girl thing where she makes you wait). As you will learn, a lot of girls don't like rejecting guys so they'll either not answer (another good reason to do it in person), or they'll say yes and then flake on you. Either way, don't let it get you down. Rejection is just part of the game. Pat yourself on the back for giving it a try, and move on to the next girl. I remember how easy it is to get invested in one girl at your age, but trust me, there are tons, so don't let one upset you.

    • she rplied with a "I don't know", to me thats another way to say no but I'm am going to convince her.

      Gonna show her how stubborn I can be.

    • Haha that's the spirit