Why do white girls/women love non-white guys so much? Why do most of them start prefering men of colour? Is there something wrong with us?

Yeah, it's 2015 and many people should stop caring about race already, but face it.. we all spot the differences either we admit it or not.
I'm not saying that interracial relationship is a bad thing, but seriously.. I think it ran out of control, especially if we're talking about white girls.
I mean.. damn, how should I expect a non-white girl to like me when not even white girls seem to like white guys anymore?
There are so many white girls with non-white guys, but so few white guys with non-white girls so that might tell you something.
Yes, I know statistically white men marry interracial the most, but I'm not talking about marriage here. I'm talking about friendship, relationship, love(not necessarily marriage), hanging out with.... etc
Do you know how it feels to see girls of your race with so many other guys, but very few guys of your race with other girls?
It makes you feel like a piece of sh!t.
I feel worthless, a piece of garbage, a nobody.
I admit.. if this whole interracial thing was more ballanced, as in the same number of white guys dating interracial as white girls do, I'd feel a whole lot better, but it's not like that.
What pisses me off and fuels my anger is the fact that it makes this whole thing look as if "white guys generally prefer white girls" but "they don't prefer us back".
I know it's not good to use stereotypes but let's face it.. that's the truth; white guys in general make more money than non-whites(except Asians maybe).
But not even those money are not good enough for these women, then I'm quite sure it's something about us.. I don't get it.
I believe white guys are in general good looking; sure there are many ugly ones, but in general they are average looking or above average so I don’t know..
What is about us that girls don’t like?


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  • If you looked at the marriage/dating statistics of white women, you'll find that you're completely wrong. Stop using your race as an excuse, because other white guys don't seem to be experiencing the same problems as you.

    • This guy post same copy pasta. He's probably not even white. Bad troll.

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  • They mostly don't suffer from:

    anxiety and other emotional problems
    alcohol and drug abuse
    I do what i want attitude

  • I prefer white guys more I've date a guy of colour once but I really prefer white guys

  • I'm black and mostly attracted to white and middle eastern men. I just like the features and looks of them. I can't help what or whom I'm attracted to...


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  • I thinks it's cause of the media... notice that the most popular music and movie stars and commercials are full of guys of other races, specially black men. The media plays a huge part in it, girls see that and want what they see so they go for people like that.
    Also you sound like a total jelly bean (jelous) you say you don't care then you say interracial marrige is out of hand, then you say it makes you angry, then you talk about how you make more money than other. well take this and apply it to your life my frined... Money does not buy love... Also another reason is that white men tend to think they are better than eveyone else and feel superior, girls don't like guys who are full of themselfs. And although you may be good looking and might get a girl to sleep with you for a night, if you want a relashionship you're gonna have to be more than looks. Tr changinf the way you see the world, try to be passionate... Change yourself as a person and I guarrantee you'll get a lot more girls, stop being jelous of other people because they date white girls. It's not your race thats the problem it's your heart soul and mind...
    but this is just my advice and opinion... take it however the fuck you wanna take it!