Girls, ladies, I need your opinion on my dating life. Would I be your type?

Before i begin, i must apologize in advance to the guys, as I've blocked you from answering...and that's only because i asked a similar question like this a couple days ago, and i hardly got any answers from women, and that's what I was actually looking for. Anyhow, what I'm looking for here are women's perspective on my dateability by the time im like 30ish. These days, I've found it very difficult to do anything outside of studying, because I need to study at least 10 hours a day MINIMUM in order to get through my med school classes, so I literally have no time for dating, as much as I want to. I'm kinda worried though that by the time I'm finished med school (by the time I'm 29 - 30), I'll be really inexperienced. I guess its kind of the price you pay for taking the route I've chosen for myself. The hard thing about trying to be a doctor is that you have to sit by and watch all of your friends start their lives at like 23, some of which are already married with kids..and I partly feel like life is passing me by. I feel like by the time I'm finished, a lot of the good gals might alreayd be taken, and I may be too inexperienced with dating to actually attract them anyways.

So for this question, I'm asking you guys to sort of give me an assessment of my dateability in the future. In the question i asked like a day or two ago, I pointed out a couple unchangeable physical traits about me that have in the past made it harder for me to date...but I'm going to list my positives and negatives, and what I want you to do is not give me an answer like "girls would love you/hate you"....make it personal, about you and what you like/dislike in men. And if you have any general feedback on what I should do about my situation, you can throw that in also. Feel free to look at my profile as there is some additional stuff about me there...and most of you already know what I look like, so you've got a lot to work with. Cheers.

Good career
Fun hobbies (making apps, gaming, novel writing)
Open minded and down to earth

Short (I'm 5'5)
Race (controversial, but its been a recurring problem b4, so i mention it here)
Not athletic (I'm alright at soccer but im no jock)
Skinny (fixable, but no time to tackle it atm)

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  • Sorry, I totally forgot you asked me to answer this. Lol

    Okay, here's my honest, unbiased opinion. First of all, I voted A and most of what I'm about to say is more about what I've picked up on from being friends with you rather than simply what you have stated here in this question.

    -I think you're attractive
    -You're very intelligent and that's something I look for in a guy.
    -You're absolutely hilarious, a guy who can make me laugh is golden.
    -I love to read and I know you read and are into writing as well so that's something we have in common.
    -I like that you are compassionate and don't mind sharing your feelings, I don't like when guys feel like they're too "tough" to show their emotional side so that's definitely a plus.
    -You're very goal-oriented and I think that's a great trait for a man to have.
    -We share the same religion so that's good too.

    -Sometimes I feel like you sell yourself short and tend to have a cynical outlook on things. I wish you were more positive rather than looking down on yourself so much. I don't really like when guys do that. If someone seems to always be negative, it turns me off from viewing them as a dating prospect (even though I'm in a relationship, you know what I mean Lol)
    -I know you love video games but I don't share that hobby so I don't think I would want to be with someone who talks about video games a lot or always seems to be playing them (not that you personally do that, just stating an example).
    -Being a doctor may take up a lot of your time. For me, I'm not sure how I would feel about dating someone who is always busy with work, I know being a doctor is a very demanding career.

    However, overall, your positive qualities FAR outweigh the negative ones. I'm sure tons of women would be happy to date you when you have more time to date in the future :)


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  • Are you kidding me? Your a doctor and you aren't sure if your good enough for girls? As a doctor you can have ANY GIRL YOU WANT!!! EVERYBODY WANTS TO MARRY A DOCTOR!!! Any girl who rejects you is so superficial she doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with anybody and should be legally banned from having children or reproducing.

    • "legally banned from having children"

      that made me lol.

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    • I wouldn't date him because he was a doctor. I would date him because being a doctor is an indication that he possesses certain qualities AND THE QUALITIES ARE APPEALING not the profession.

    • @lumos. I was just typing that also lol

  • I can't make my answer as organized and aesthetic as @xHoneyxBeex, since I'm more of a paragraphs and stories kinda gal, but here I go.

    I like someone who can make me laugh, and talking to you, I already know I fucking LOVE your sense of humor. I love it. You make me laugh through the computer screen. Someone who is openminded and down to earth are very good and compatible qualities for me. I like someone I can be comfortable with all the time, of course. A solid career is always a very relieving quality, for neither of us have to worry too much about finances, but finances aren't a big deal to me. I don't need us to be rich to be happy. We just both gotta work hard, pay our living expenses, and go out to get a large order of Mcdonald's fries (I fucking love Mcdonald's fries, I don't even care if they're not real). Also, I play video games too, as you already know, haha, but I'm no hardcore gamer. Just casual. Like my matches in CSGO. And lastly, height, race, and thinner body type, not a problem. I'm 5'2", I'm small. I'm already in an interracial relationship with a guy who's 5'8" and has a thinner frame, too, and the biggest gamer I know (not a jock kinda guy either).

    So there's my feels on this. I knew I loved your ass as soon as I saw your username, though.

    • very interesting :) you know, you bring up something I've thought about myself from time to time... Why is it such a big deal to girls if you take them to a place like McDonalds for a date and what not? like, if a girl came up to me and was like "hey babe, i think you're cute... wanna pick up a box of KFC with me? That's what your people like, correct?" I'd be like "honey honey honey, chickenation is my native language" But NOOOOO, its too cheap for most gals. heh, whatever man...

      But you've given me some stuff to think about! Thanks for your kind and honest words :) I took a peak at your CSGO stats some time ago though, and even for a casual they are below the mark. You need a good man to teach you how to play. Call me

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    • i kid i kid man, haha. I'm sure you're quite good

    • Nah I suck you're right LOOL. But I get the golden knife kill sometimes in arms race. 8)

      Aaaaaand that's all I have to half-brag about.

  • I think the most important thing to realize is that the solid women still single by the time you're out of med school (who are roughly the same age) are going to be career women. They're going to be stubborn, they're going to be less likely to give up aspects of their life for a traditional family dynamic. However, that means they're also going to be independent, capable, and understanding when it comes to how busy your own life is.

    On the attractiveness scale, however, I think you're fine. Be honest. Be straightforward. Be willing to be turned down. Asking people out is like auditioning for roles - you'll be turned down dozens of times for every time you get a yes and that's not because there's something wrong with you, it means that you haven't found a girl who's looking for what you're offering. And what you're offering is solid. Don't worry, be willing to ask questions and be wrong, and spend time getting to know the actual women and what they enjoy instead of trying to follow learned experience. You'll end up with happier dates, anyway.

    • yeah you're right. Only issue is that by that point, i probably will be more interested in starting a family than some of these girls are

    • And that's going to be an issue you'll find throughout, but it's just a matter of being honest about what you want at any given point with the women you do find. There's no need to waste time on a great girl who never really wants a family - she'd make a fantastic friend, but it's not an ideal for a relationship, etc

  • To be honest, you had me at novel writing - but that's because I'm obsessed with writing and reading. The clincher would be if you did Sci Fi or Fantasy, haha.

    As some others have said, I really wouldn't worry. I actually think it's better to wait longer before committing to a life long relationship, but I also know that when it's right, it's right and for some, they just lucky and find their match when they're young. No such luck over here and I know it! =)

    Take your time, focus on your studies, and if something good comes along, explore it! If you date while you're still in school, the right person will understand that time will be short and will find alternate ways to squeeze in some time with you.

    Now, the personal answer:

    Super cool that you're going into a medical profession, yet still can be nerdy and goof off. I've seen some get super serious, and that would be the turn off for me. You have to have an on/off switch for that, so you can keep your inner child alive and not crush it... this goes for any profession or career path in life.

    I could see your height being a problem for many, but honestly? If you're the right person and don't mind a chick taller than you, a girl won't necessarily just scoff and avoid. I've considered dating guys in the past who couldn't look me in the eye because of how awesome they were as people. You could be tall and fit all the "physical" attractive high points, but be a complete jerk and undateable. I'm very open-minded.

    I'm not terribly athletic either, so I don't judge. Would be cool to drag each other into shape.

    I don't see where race is a problem. I date based on how comfortable I feel with another person. If it's right, I go for it. Simple as that.

    You forgot another pro, too - You have a cute face/smile. ;) Flaunt it during and after you finish earning that white coat!

    • that genuinely made me smile =) thanks for your input. And actually, science fiction writing is pretty much all im interested in atm, so yeah! I actually dont have a problem with dating taller women. The problem has always been that they dont want to date someone shorter than they are. But as i said in my pros list, im fairly open minded, so height isn't an issue for me either. I was just a bit worried that my eventual lack of experience due to school, and my other physical stuff would make it hard for me in the future to land women... especially when you consider how tinderized our soceity is becoming

    • Glad to hear! =)

      And that's an understandable worry, though I think the ladies that don't have a lot of "experience", like the men, keep pretty quiet. It's funny, but there's a lot of nudging and eyerolling when it comes to people prying into your relationship status and finding out you've only had one boyfriend before, and have been single for several years. I know myself and some others that simply just try to avoid that by side stepping the entire conversation and keeping to ourselves. So don't worry, you're not alone!

      I usually find it's like a catch 22, the height thing. While in theory a guy being taller than me seems perfect and attractive, I find I get intimidated and freaked out by that in real life. I like knowing I'm on equal terms physically with a guy. Just reassuring to know neither party really has the upper hand, and it allows me to feel more at ease and relaxed. But I definitely don't seem to have the usual way of thinking there, and I know that comes about --

    • -- from school experiences where pretty much all of my bullies were guys. I don't ever remember getting in a physical scuff with another girl. It was always guys. So go figure!

      And yay! Sci-Fi! I'm highly obsessed with fantasy, but figure one day I might dip my toes into writing a light sci-fi of some sort. =)

  • Let me tackle your negatives list first.
    Short is an issue for some girls but certainly not all. It definitely isn't for me. Very easy to overlook (ha ha, sorry I couldn't help it)
    Race, again will be an issue for some girls not all. Do you really want to waste time on a woman that cares about that?
    Not being athletic will matter less as you get older and women become more mature. Lets see, "do I want a man that's good at basketball or a doctor?" Not really much of a choice.
    As long as you're healthy and active, that would be the important thing for me.
    You do have a lot of positives going for you. You are intelligent, funny and kind. Those are the three most important things on my list. You're also handsome. Your schedule does make it difficult now but all of the "good girls" will not be gone when the time comes. Chin up :*

    • well, part of my concern is that as much as i know that not all girls will see these things as negatives, i think the majority of them would... especially the first two. But like i told someone else, i try to be as well rounded an individual as i can be which helps to somewhat negate my shortcomings. Anyhow, your input is much appreciated. Your compliments were quite generous! I just can't wait to be finished with all this so i can start taking dating more seriously

  • +You are financially (&) stable: A man must be both - a stable personality can be a restaurant server and a psychopath can surely be a CEO - and you are, even of you're swimming in loans for the next... few... years. Just by graduating from med school, you've fulfilled both. Your degree means that you will earn dependable, sufficient income; it also shows that you are not only stable but highly intelligent and driven. You can commit (key word!) to something and follow through. Respect.
    +you are physically attractive: you know how guys are boobs or butt men? Well, I'm a face girl and a sucker for good bone structure. You have a great smile, eyes, cheekbones - just a good face in general. You also look open, kind, and a little mischievous or sassy (?) which I like. From what I can see, you are well-kept and dressed, too. Men's appearance checklist: complete. P. S
    Height doesn't matter as I've dated men my height before (I'm 5'4"-5'5").
    +I'm a huge nerd and bookworm but I often feel self conscious about revealing this right away. As I've grown older, I've had a harder and harder time finding people who share my quiet, quirky, cerebral interests. Since you're into that kinda stuff too, I can be myself and let you in on a big part of my life; I can share my favorite books and off beat movies with you and experience new ones from your library!
    +you designed your own app: total turn on. I love a man who can build and create something with their own hands and minds. Also, while I'm mechanically inclined, I have no clue about programming. That makes it even cooler that you made your own bona fide game that I can find in Google play or the iTunes store! And, while I'm not a gamer, I love playing games in general! Make me more! ^_^
    +you're writing a novel: like my hobbies, my creativity is virtually unknown to most people. Drawing, Adobe photoshop, and writing used to be a big part of my life. I wrote short stories and poems, but a whole novel? More respect for the persistence and constancy needed to write a book, especially without a. I am also a supporter of

    • Small business and would love to be part of a book from it's grassroots conception.
      +you are accepting & tolerant: No matter what my crazy, random brain decided to share, you rolled with it when u could have said "yeah... I don't know wtf you're talking about." Its not in my nature to hold back but I would if a person made me feel stupid or acted like I was a nuisance. An open mind is paramount to my happiness.
      +you're affectionate: you are so friendly, responsive, and inclusive!
      +you're intelligent: you're in med school. Pretty sure I've found my mental equal. This is not a cop out: I saw my ex's textbooks. That shit. Was. Bananas.
      +you're funny: we haven't had the chance to let the humor fly yet, but I can tell from the few times you've been like "theccccanyooon!" that you're hilarious.
      +morals/beliefs/opinions: close enough to be at peace, different enough to keep the debate alive. Perfecto.

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    • holy hannah! you've given me much to think about here :) im not sure if you're finished yet but thank you for writing this up for me. Very much appreciated

    • @watermelonoma - I am finished (whew - and that was after we "narrowed it down") but you know where to find me if you have further questions. :3

  • Well, the main reason from a list of qualities? Its only because you are short, tbh if I were to meet you I'd probably focus less on your height because you sound cool. Its just one of the things you have listed, for some girls you maybe above average, for others short and others tall. Secondly, i have dated a coloured guy but I personally fall for indian looking men. Nothing I can really change and it could definitely change if I meet you. Its more important to connect and to have good healthy discussions with a person. You sound amazing on that front, accurate, ambitious, vocal and rational. I think those are the best qualities for a man. So thats why I say, you focus on the so called lackings of your exterior but a girl may not notice those things the way you do. If I had met you, I may not even have focussed on those things. Finally, guys have an advantage over girls that they can date significantly younger women. You won't run out of time or miss out on the good girls. Actually, most of the good girls around me are 30 and single. Sometimes they are also focussed on achieving their goals and becominf better people themselves, so they don't settle for the unstable guys when they are younger. I don't think 30 is old at all, you really have notjing to worry about. I think one problem is the gaming, why do you game instead of going out and being social? Not sure though but I don't know if I would like that and i have seen couples break up because of this. I love that you like to read, it means you love to learn about your surroundings. Just keep working on opening yourself up for someone and you'll be fine

    • well for me, gaming isn't really much different than reading. I do it because i like a good story. Can't be social all the time. Eventually you've gotta come home and do your own thing, and that's just one of the things I do. But I appreciate the input! I am just juggling with this because i feel like ill be kinda inexperienced + have all these physical things working against me that will make dating in this increasingly tinderized world a bit difficult later on

    • Ok got it! Can't change, I guess house of cards does the same for me haha. But no, why would a girl care about inexperience? Also, if you want.. flirt with girls at uni etc? Appropriately charm them, thats how you'll be more secure and confident when you meet the right girl

    • yeah a lot of them aren't super receptive to my flirting attempts honestly, hah. And tbh id rather not date someone who was in the exact same career as i am

  • So, as another student studying to be a doctor (of animals) I have the same fears and the same set of set backs. Currently, I'm getting my BA in animal and vet sciences, and it's not unmanageable, but it's hard. And sometimes I feel like I neglect my boyfriend. Thankfully, we're planning on living together next August (my senior year) so, we can grow stronger before I leave the state (no vet schools in my state) and decide if he wants to move with me.
    That being said, I still want children, it's been a dream to have babies before 30. And I want to adopt, but who would let a student adopt?
    Another fear is that nice school starts... I will ignore him and the relationship will suffer.
    As a fellow student, I would find you dating material because I understand that school requires a lot of attention, and I would also respect you for all the work you're going through, because I would know some of the stress you're going through.
    I don't think any of your negatives would hinder a girl like me from dating you as long as you're a good person.
    Your positives are awesome.

    • yeah the feeling of having life pass you by is really one of the biggest struggles of all this. I've already got friends who have kids and everything, while i dont even have time to regularly date lol. But thanks a lot for your input on this. Must be nice to have an understanding boyfriend :)

    • It's got to be tough, especially since you're older and friends are starting to settle down. Another fear is that my ovaries will not function properly when I'm older, which isn't the end of the world but still.
      I got super lucky with him.

    • haha, im sure your ovaries will be just fine. - future doc's opinion

  • You're cute, you are obviously ambitious, will have a steady career, and from what I've seen you're very creative and also funny.

    You seem like an awesome guy to me. I don't have a type.

  • Well honestly for me I like to date guys I am comfortable with I feel safe and not pressured, but I'm a gamer as well and I don't care about height but the only reason I said I want to date a guy I feel comfortable is because I'm a virgin and I want to stay a virgin and I don't mind being single because of it, I usually go for guys that are religious because I'm a Christian and plus some believes in sex after marriage as well. Don't give up though because they say it's best to find someone that has a busy life or have the common interests or working or studying wise.

    • ah i understand. Well thanks for your input! by the way, what games do you play?

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    • ooo skyrim, nice. You know one of my first games that i played was morrowind, which was one of the first games in the elder scrolls series (i think a few very old ones came before it), then i went straight to Oblivion when it came out and played the heck out of that... but i never had time to really get into skyrim much. In any case, i understand your allure. Hope you don't kill too many redguards though. They're all my brothers

    • I went straight into Skyrim because of other games I was playing and never had the chance to play them but luckily I was looking for another game when Skyrim came out and I loved it, even though I got lost a few times because sometimes I forget to do something and then I will forget which direction to go. And thanks haha and I won't!

  • I'd probably be interested except that I PERSONALLY need a lot of time together in a relationship, and if you're busy NOW, plus once you are actually living the dream you'll be super busy as a doctor.

    You mentioned skinny: Some girls are into thinner body types. My guy is a slender body type, I was LOOKING for that body type. If your body type really bothers you, you can always work out when you have more time of course, but if it doesn't bother your girl, don't let it bother you.

    Your height: You're at least as tall as most girls, that's probably plenty. Some girls like tall guys, but most girls like guys to be at least as tall as them, and most are around 5'5" or shorter. You're good there, don't worry about that.

    Funny: what girl doesn't like a guy who can make her laugh? Just be sure your type of funny isn't hurting others. Girls don't like jokes at other people's expense, unless she sucks as a human being and in that case you shouldn't be into her.

    My opinion: Focus on yourself. Do what you need to do to do well in school so you can get your dream job. Focus on you and the right girl will find you.

    • Firstly, welcome to gag =) secondly, thanks a lot for input. This issue concerning me not having enough time for my partner keeps coming up actually. I mean, I figure girls like guys who have their career in order, but they don't like if it keeps the busy? Not sure if there's much I can do there. Guess I'll add that as another con lol

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    • Haha, alright. Curious though.. the guy you're with atm... Did he find you, or did you find him?

    • I found him. :) He was working in a restaurant/bar that I was visiting with a friend and we ended up talking the rest of the night (it was a slow night), exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

  • You seem kind and considerate, obviously a go-getter. There will be plenty of women who aren't married yet, especially girls who were also working to build an impressive career in their 20's. The pool of women you'll find in your 30's will be intellectual, confident, interesting, and probably a lot better in bed (I mean dating a bunch of different guys through your 20's will have that effect).
    And yes, there will be a lot of women who are attracted to the doctor aspect of your profile, and for very few it will be because of superficial money/status reasons. People know it's freakin' hard to get through med school; it shows you have dedication, intelligence and an interest in helping people. Those are great qualities which far outweigh the downsides you put in your post.
    Fret not, and get back to studying!

    • much appreciated input there! thanks. my main worry though is that given how fast the dating scene seems to change year after year, i feel like ill be completely lost by the time im 30. Oh and by the way, welcome to GaG =)

  • I'm late but I'll answer anyway.


    I'm starting off with the dimples. You know why lol. You seem very goal oriented and I like that in a guy. Good head on your shoulders. I'm a writer also so it would be fun to share. Having a sense of humor is always good. I like to laugh. And I've seen some of your answers on things and I agree that you seem to have an open mind. I'm not a picky person. I like guys that are honest and faithful and true to themselves.


    We're the same height. I don't really mind that tho. You already know how I feel about race. The color your skin means nothing to me. It only becomes an issue if and when it's brought up in a negative light. The skinny thing... I dont really typically go for skinny guys. But again, not really a big deal. The thing that sticks out with you is that you're so into your career. I feel like that will always be number 1 in your life and that it would be a competition that I couldn't win.

    All in all, you seem like a really cool guy. Smart, nice looking and pretty rounded. So I voted yes.

    • The dimples are powerful huh ^_^ But yeah, physically im a fairly small guy, which is why i try to make my brain big. Tyrion Lannister is my role model xD But thanks a lot for your input!

    • Lol heck yeah they are. But, no problem!

  • I would definitely say yes to you, and here's why:
    You seem to me like a person with very developed introspective intelligence, you know how to set priorities (studying), ambition and career development is very attractive in any human being. I like your hobbies as well, I could maybe learn something new from you. Being a hobbyist myself, I find interests very much important.
    Open minded and down to earth - I wish more men were like you.
    Height - I am short girl myself so I wouldn't have a problem with that. If you are an interesting, loving person, no girl will take your height as disadvantage.
    Race is not a problem at all, I think you are very attractive, based on what I can see on photo.
    Skinny guys are hotter than too muscular men.
    Best wishes, and no worries, you are cool :) !

  • Yes, if everything you said is true, you would be my type, even if you're not my type physically (short and skinny). BUT, as @lumos said, I will never know until the real face to face encounter.
    And being funny - I've found it's a very subjective trait. Some people think they're funny, or they really are, but I don't find their humor funny at all... That's the problem with subjectivity I guess.
    So yes - meeting the person can tel you a lot about them, about you and about how you two should proceed.

    • well i said i was funny, because thats what people tell me. But thanks for your input

  • You sound great! Don't beat yourself up!
    However I voted no because height is important to me. I'm 5"5 as well but I'm quite stocky. Even at my fittest, i was full, curvy, the sort of muscles you don't want to meet in an alley but look good on a dance floor.
    Because I am quite stocky for a girl, I need to feel feminine. I look for that "safe in my mans arms" sort of feel. I want to be able to wear heels. I want to feel like a woman. Yeah, so I'm not tall and im not ripped or masculine, but I'm still... Big. In a relationship, I need to feel small.

    Sadly you can't change your height. But many girls don't care about it, it's a personal issue for me.

    • Ah I see. Yea this is what I come across often lol. Girls my height or shorter still saying I'm too short. This is partly why this worries me, because I could be a brain surgeon with the best hobbies in the world and would still not make up for some of those con's , hah. Anyways I appreciate your honesty

    • I have been with someone who was only 5.2. But it was a fling, not a relationship.
      You're welcome :)

  • I empathize with you about finishing med school late and seeing people start their lives in their early-mid 20s. It sucks now, but I don't think that I have to tell you how smart you're being in the long run career wise. I mean, you're trying to be a DOCTOR. It's a noble career :-)

    As far as datable, of course you're datable and anybody can be for that matter. Prioritizing is key, you'll need to find someone that can work with you around your busy schedule. You mention that you study at least 10 hours a day, so that leaves you with maybe an additional 2 hours to do what you want/need provided you have at enough sleep every night. In those two hours, can you find the time to meet new people? Talk to women? I mean, you can use all of the time that you spend on GAG and dedicate it to doing something else.

    Also, 30 isn't old. Some people are "late bloomers", they'll date later in life and actually feel that they've made the right decision. However, if you want you CAN have a relationship and hopefully she's a keeper for your sake and can stick around until you finish med-school.

    Your positive traits: you sound like an awesome catch. I personally enjoy video games. I have a collection of game systems and I enjoy playing FIFA. I have two brothers... go figure. Novel writing sounds like fun. Being open-minded and down to earth is a plus.

    Your negative Traits: height shouldn't matter because most women are shorter then 5'5. I myself am 5'3 and my boyfriend is 5'7. Some women don't actually care :-) You mention that you're not athletic, well you can always get fit and depending on who you choose to date they may feel better knowing that they won't have to "keep up" with you athletically. I couldn't personally be with a body-builder. I'd feel like a fatass :-/ Being thin is a plus to most women.

    To sum it up, I'd say you're datable and you should definitely prioritize and get out there. Don't let the time of med school get you down. Stay focused. Good luck :-)

    • I wanna also add that there are good women out there. You just have to search for them. Be patient. Ideally, I do suggest you possibly considering online dating only because your schedule is so tight. Online dating can be a fun experience. I think that a lot of people are hesitant about it thanks to the whole idea of "catfish" and fake accounts. Go on a site that you can trust. It's not as much commitment and since you seem to be around a computer often, you might actually enjoy it.

    • thanks a lot for this. I've considered a lot of these things, but i was waiting to see what other girls would say too. I've tried the online dating thing before but it doesn't seem to be that useful if you're a guy. Maybe ill try it again when im finished with school

  • I voted yes - damn you are attractive. I really don't know if 5'5 is short because I don't talk in feet haha but I seriously wouldn't care of any "negative" aspects -although I really hate gaming. I think that dark guys are veery attractive & I would never choose a guy because of his carreer, but I am planning on studying medicine so matching tastes are good:)
    Personality is very important - & can't really be described with two sentences, but you have this humorous, sassy look that could reflect a nice personality.
    wow I've never complimented someone like that haha.
    nah but really, don't worry about it it will be super easy to find a girl for you. I am planning on doing the BMP scheme - studying medicine & then working in a very remote area of Australia, so my situation is worse!
    by the way, 10 hours studying? - counting lectures or not?

    • Yea 10 hours without counting lectures lol. I probably need to bump that up to 13 though. But your input here was quite flattering, hah, so thanks for that. I don't really see my negatives as negatives as much as other women do. Only reason I listed them as such is because they are the most common reasons I've received from women as to why they weren't interested, despite my positives. But thanks again for input. You're quite attractive yourself, and I feel a sense of solidarity towards you because of your career choice ^^

    • by the way, 5'5 = 165cm = 1.65m

    • Whaat I study about 4 hours per day now & my brain is about to explode... oh well good luck with everything! :)

  • On paper you sound good and all, but I wouldn't actually know if you're my type or not without hanging out with you in real life.

  • Wow, your poll results should be clear. I think it is great that you have taken the time to make sure your life is together before you attach it to someone else's. That is attractive in its own way. What you see as negatives aren't. They may deter some woman but for the most part woman will see you for the positives you have listed. As for dating experience, everyone is a little awkward at that when they start. It helps break the ice with the other person if you just tell them that at the beginning. I am 32 and felt the same way as I watched a lot of the people in my life seem to move into the things you do as an adult, but realized that everyone has to move at their own pace. There will be woman, but you will have to choose wisely and not just pick one because you think you will never find anyone else.

    • That's partly what I was hoping for... the fact that I'm trying to work on my own life first would be an attractive thing in of itself. My worry though is just that the physical can't really be ignored, as its often just as important to building attraction as the other more personality based traits... especially with this super tinderized society we're becoming, hah. So basically, I've got a lot of this gs floating in my head at.

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    • Yea with any luck. Any who, your input is very much appreciated, thanks =)

    • "I think it is great that you have taken the time to make sure your life is together before you attach it to someone else's."

      I couldn't agree more. My guy thought he had his shit together when we met, then everything fell apart for him and things have been super difficult between us. Not because I love him any less, but because he feels like he doesn't deserve me anymore.

      The more stable you are the happier YOU will be with yourself, which will translate into relationships.

  • you're not my type YET for the sole reason of lacking self-confidence ! you have no idea how much confidence (not arrogance) can affect girls!
    you seem and sound like a great guy but having this fear of not being good enough for someone or not ending up finding dates is only in your head!
    all the negatives you listed are about your appearance!!! don't do that to yourself! you're self esteem is down the drain based on stereotypes! so what if you are 5'5 ? literally every girl i know is less than that! and what you consider a negative trait can be the most attractive thing about you for someone!
    you should start learning how to accept and love yourself as a package before you start to worry about what others might think! because with this kind of attitude you're only gonna attract gold-diggers and girls that will end up using you and cheating on you!
    personally i think girls are the ones who should be worried about looks and being presentable, I've met guys who did less than okay in the looks department but they had this amazing personality, to me they are so charming and appealing!
    your career will be demanding that's for sure! and as a medical student myself i know how stressing it is to watch everyone take the next step in their lives while you feel stuck and helpless for now! but since you're postponing the subject I'd say you better start working on that confidence issue of yours and you're set!

    • All the things I have listed as a negative trait are not there because I feel insecure about it. These are the most common reasons I've had from women as to why they are not attracted to me, despite my positives... the height thing being especially true, as it is actually the most common reason. I think I've mentioned this somewhere, but even girls shorter than me have said I was too short for them, so just because there are shorter girls out there, doesn't mean they won't see my height as a con. Anyhow, I asked this question mainly to get a broader perspective on my datability as I probably won't be dating for a looong time, lol. I appreciate your input though. You've given me some things to think about

  • u seem fine, but i couldn't figure it out based on this alone. i also think of religion and previous sexual history as huge defining characteristics of whether or not id be with someone, so there's those too.

  • hi!! first let me tell u that I voted no as I want a guy who is taller than me... I m 5'9! lol I am pretty tall but that doesn't exclude you from other criterions... One of the things I want to point out is that a man's life begins at 30! So you are safe, ur profile tells me that u r kind of nerdish and I think that is a positive, u can just drink some body building supplements to make ur body muscular, try doing some activity while studying like walking or treadmill etc. You will find someone perfect for you definitely cause ur negatives aren't very rare but rather common. All the best for ur exams and I hope you become an awesome major in the medical department of the army, u will find some1 perfect, dating is about understanding not experience!! ^-^

    • ah fair enough. thanks for your input!

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    • if you are saying protein shakes or fruit shakes, I guess its fine. When you said supplements I assumed pills, and I'm like that is not healthy and they have side affects.

  • Dafuq bruh, I need to move to Canada lol. Seriously though if you are worried about lack of experience, maybe you should casually date whatever the hell that means these days because I have been thinking about what that is like. I don't see anything that you listed here and on your profile that is a turn off except that you are not athletic but that is not a deal breaker if you would just work out sometimes with me or do something active. I think its cool that you develop apps, I have been looking into ux/ui and game design because I like games and I'm only designing graphics right now and dabbling into web design as well. I like sci-fi and supernatural stuff too :)

    • I just finished learning basic java so i could start programming for android phones. Finding the time for it is hard, but i just love the stuff to be honest. Thanks for your input though. My goal has always been to be as well rounded as i can be

  • I consider your negative ok, I prefer skinny guys, don't care about sports either way, and don't care about height.

    while your positive are great, (you're good looking, motivated, seem very intelligent, and interesting) I wouldn't date/marry a doctor. their jobs come first, they work long hard stressful hours, and I'm a germaphobe.

    • Interesting... you'd never marry a doctor.

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    • ... I had to google family doctors to see the difference.. yea, it seems better, I guess

    • yeah they tend to have pretty normal hours, and less stress. That's what im gunning for =)

  • First of all, congratulations with being very well on track with your life THATS HOT!!! I swear being educated and smart is so sexy and attractive.
    Secondly, some girls find it a turn on ie a guy is a little inexperienced. I personal find it a dissapointment to find out a guy has slept with a lot of girls. That being said it can be a little frustrating to have a guy who does not now what he's doing, so make sure you do think about what you want in a relationship while you're not dating that will help.
    I do not think you will be completely inexperienced though, as you certainly know what you like and what you don't. Being inexperienced to me is having a guy who has absolutely no clue how to be in a relationship and you obviously do have a good idea. Hope this helps!

    • yea i hope so, considering how much work I've gotta do to get this education ^_^ But i hear what you're saying. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks =)

    • Glad to hear, and the best of luck.

  • Actually is quite easy for males over 30 to find woman. Speacially younger ones. A lot of females, including myself, like older man and younger females find them attractive. However, with woman as she ages is harder for her to find people since she is viewed as less atttactive as she ages while males are viewed as striking and experienced. Anyways there is always some one who has a particular taste. I think the best advice I can share is for you to be honest and communicate properly with the person you are with Or have interest in. Be yourself always.

    Your race is part of your roots. Be proud of it regardless of what people may think or say. You sound like a smart man, I am pretty sure you will do fine!

    • I'm not ashamed of my race. That's not the reason why its listed as a con. Its there because routinely, OTHER women have had a problem with dating me because of it for one reason or another. But thanks a lot for your input

  • The sort of guy I daydream about at home is taller than me (I'm 5'6) and a chubbier teddy-bear sort (think Matt Parkman in Heroes or Andy Dwyer in Parks&Rec) yet somewhat athletic at the same time (for reference, I jog)... among other things.

    Then again none of my exes have completely matched this "type"
    either. All that superficial stuff gets thrown out the window the minute I step out the door, because in the end it boils down to the chemistry I have with him.

    The only thing on your list that alerted me was that your career. My longest relationship was with a med student and it didn't work out because of our very schedules and approach to the commitment. It's not a deal-breaker or anything but I'm definitely cautious now going into a relationship with another doctor. xD

    • Ignore the typos... @_@

    • Yeah thats the exact reason why i can't really date atm. like your ex, i really have no time for it now, hence my worry that ill become too inexperienced later! but this isn't the first time I've heard a woman tell me how flexible her type becomes once she starts hitting the real world, so you've given me something to think about there. Much appreciated!

  • You're not my type, needless to say I think your still a catch for a lot of women. I'm 5ft so your height isn't a problem. Being completely honest my reasoning is superficial, I most likely wouldn't be attracted to you (not to say that you aren't attractive). Personality wise we'd be get along great but the idiot in me would be like I like strong, fit, and athletic men (close to buff dudes). I think the gamer part is also a turnoff, while I love playing video games... my brother is a gamer and it annoys me 95% because he rarely does anything else. Having said all that your definitely my best friends type in all aspects. I'd definitely try and hook you up with her.

    • Ah fair enough. Well thanks for being honest

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    • No worries. Thing is, I often find myself attracted to all types of women so its hard for me to nail it down. Guess I'll have to hit the gym eventually. I've been wanting to anyways, but I've been too busy

    • It's good to be open to all people, I've been single forever and that's because I'm picky. It is good to go to the gym as well, so you can stay healthy. Who knows you might even meet someone there.

  • You're cute and seem to be very smart.
    Yeah, why not?
    I'm studying to become a biologist (geneticist, I hope), our careers would make a nice pair! haha.
    Anyway... I like your hobbies too, I like playing video games and writing even though I know nothing about programmation. :(
    Open minded and down to earth are also some of the best qualities.
    Don't worry too much about your future... you're a great guy and you will find a great girl. Can't you even take 1 day a week off anyway?

    • kind of you to say! thanks. I actually do take a day break but its usually to rest and do some of my other hobbies that i listed. Plus if i did find a girl, i wouldn't have much time for her anyways due to the studying throughout the week. Interesting career path though! Genetics has taken off in the last decade or so. Looks promising. I'm curious though.. what games do you play?

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    • yeah they're really good at those style of games, and its really what i gravitate towards. My main draw to gaming is the use of it as a medium for storytelling. I just like being able to partake in the story and alter the outcomes based on my actions. I'm not sure if you're into sci fi, but if you are, a good game to try is the mass effect trilogy. Very engaging and character driven too. But yeah sony owns the developers of the last of us, so that will pretty much ensure that it never comes on the pc =/ If anything though, you could always watch the game on YouTube. Some people have strung all the cutscenes and parts of gameplay together to make it feel like you're watching a movie basically. I've watched it over myself whenever i get nostalgic!

    • Yeah, it's true! I really like that part of gaming too. I was looking for some of those games so thank you so much, I'll totally check mass effect trilogy. And I didn't know I could see it on YouTube... better than nothing then :(

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