How do I get over a first love that keeps on cheating and begging for me back?

I'm so emotionally attached to this girl that keeps cheating on and with me with her old boyfriend. Im her rebound and i feel so pathetic. The boyfriend just broke up with her because of her playing around with me, and now she's single. But she still doesn't want to be with me. She said she needs to get over him first.. But knowing her she'll beg for me back in a couple months time, but then cheat again with him. she's my first love and i dont know how to get over her, or feel like i'll love someone like i did her. I feel pathetic and like a loser for torturing myself with her.

People dont even comprehend why i keep doing it to myself so they just gave up on me. We've been back and fourth for a year but it always ends in her going back to the old boyfriend. But they always end with her going back to me.

How do i stop this nonsense?

My friends and family dont even care anymore because i keep going back.
Someone teach me to avoid temptation.


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  • KEEPS ON cheating? don't get back with her again! she needs to learn she can't do that to you or anyone else! this. right you deserve so much better! seriously! you are legally old enough to drink aren't you? go out with your mates and have a great time! you never know you might find someone you really like! I think you need to talk to the other guy. you both need to help each other and learn together that you both deserve so much better even if you don't think you do! maybe when u get to know him you two can go out and have a great time at a club or something then you two might meet two lovely girls (or boys depending on your interests)!


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  • You need to delete everything that is connected to her. No contact with her anymore, at all. You need to let go.

    • haha that's a lot easier said than done! but good advice

    • I know it is because I went through it, but I forced myself to delete everything. Rome wasn't built in a day; neither will getting over your first love. It's almost similar to having an addiction problem. First step is to go cold turkey and stay away from the addictive vice.

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