Is it easier to hook up with old white women than with young ones?

Especially if you're at disadvantage. Not tall, not white or black but muscular and handsome.

By old, I mean 40-55 years old and I don't need super attractive white milf. 5/10 would do.


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  • Well, you can start by not calling a woman in her forties an "old white woman," lol.

    Actually, as we age we get a little pickier. We have everything materialistically that we need, usually, and we are generally more confident and less "desperate" to get laid as we age.

    However, you may find that there is a pretty decent sized segment of "old white women" that are looking for an occasional good time that won't interfere in her day to day life, or really impact it to any extent.

    I don't know that it is easier to "hook up" with and Old White Woman due to her older generation thinking of morality and cynical views of "one night stands." We are known for having flings, however. It depends entirely on the woman and the mind set she has regarding herself and her interactions with men.

    I can tell you that an older woman will most likely not cause the drama that can be associated with trying to hook up with some younger girls, as we are older and have "been there, done that" to the extent that we know the difference between a good time and a relationship.

    • I've been told to hit more on the older ones to increase my chance. I don't know, I thought because the older women are probably considered less desirable and less young men want to bang them

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  • I doubt. Those women have had sex a lot, they know what they like, the know what they're looking for and they're going for that, so if you don't have what they want, they won't have anything with you.
    Younger women don't have as much experience and are more open to try new things, since they don't know exactly what they like, as much as older women.

    Plus, both have different mentalities. One belongs to a generation where hookups weren't as common as today.