Girls, girls do u like guys that buy brand new cars?

Do ever think he's finacing that 50 k car . Good luck owing home at untill he's 40 if u marry him haha


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  • That's there personal choice to do that. Personally I wouldn't buy a new car until I know I can afford living on my own or with a significant other and owning a house. There are plenty of nice cars that are used.

    • My car wrx sti no debt.. I could buy a new one then. Take me longer to buy a home nearly have 100 k

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    • Model has a crush on me pretty good attracting woman with my personality and looks

    • Definitely put your money into savings, investments and your retirement it will pay off in the long run rather then a new car that will only be new for a little bit.

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  • Not in this case. I don't really care about what a car looks like. As long as it gets from point A to point B.

  • Expensive cars, clothes, houses, and items doesn't matter. Because in the dark where is all that stuff? I like guys with nice personality's not because what they have.

    • If you have a brand new car that's a nice add on but as long as it works.

    • I know why guys buy new cars it's a status symbol. I have a 10 year ok'd wrx sti modified no debt and savings pretty happy 26

  • I don't have to worry about if he has a new car.
    I have a brand new 4x4 truck and a house.
    OH yea both are paid for nothing owing at under 40.

    • U kidding. U a exotic dancer

    • No but I started working back in high school.

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