Is he not interested anymore or am I just drawing conclution to fast? How to met new guy, I seriously have no idea how to?

so i was really unsure if this guy still was interested in me or not and i told myself i was going to ask him to hang out this weekend, and if he said no i would just not be bothered with him anymore. I messaged him around an hour ago, he replied pretty much straight away, joked around and was very detalied in his answers, so i thought "oh, maybe he's still a bit interested because if he wasn't interested he wouldn't really make an effort".
Later i asked him if he had any plans tonight and he told me not really, he was just planning to relax, I asked him if he wanted to hang out, so he answered me something like this "im having som friends over i think, so its actually a bad time.. we are going to have a bromance you know, we are just going to lye on the sofa with our hand down out pants and drink beer" The message didn't actually go like that because it was written in a different language, but that was pretty much what he ment.. So in my head that means he isn't that into me anymore or am i drawing to conclution to fast?
Anyway, im never met guys like at all... so my dating life is none excistant... the only reason i met him was because i happened to come to the same bar as his friend, kinda our mutual friend. I can see there are som cute guys checking me out and stuff, but im very insecure so i never know what to do or say.. I want to be able to just smile when they look at me, but i always freak out and just stare with no emotion at them lol. So since this is over how can i met a new guy?


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  • Take some time WHILE giving good response to the guys who check you out (make them back-up)
    If your friend shows good signs in future then patch with him otherwise you have other cute guys ready.
    Good Luck!

    • any advice how to interact and/or flirt with guys? I go to uni by the way, but i dont really have any cute guys in any of my classes. There are a couple of cute guys at my gym, but i find it difficult to flirt or talk to someone when they rae busy working out and when im busy working out

    • Pass them smile. Ask for random help from them in the gym and say 'thanks' cheerfully. That would be enough to let them know about your interest.

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