How can I make my crush spend time with me alone more often?

My first try: I asked him to teach me how to speak Japanese (like tutor me) and he said yes. Then the next day he said he can't do it but tomorrow. Then the next day he said he's busy and so on

My second try: I asked him if I can hang with with every Friday's (on that day when I asked him was a Friday), and he said yeah. And when it's lunch time in school I asked him if he's ready and his response was shaking his head (which means no), but he looked into my eyes and smiling while shaking his head (but not in a mean way)

What does this mean? He said yes at first, then he changed his mind. And I don't get that he shook his head while smiling at me. But he is a nice, smart, I think he treats me differently than the other girls. And he did help me with my maths homework like 1-2 years ago. Also I showed him my phone with Clash of Clans, then he put his hand on my hand (while I'm holding my phone) and also scrolling my screen with his hand on mine. So what should I do? I don't want to fail again on the third try

Please help me, this is really important for me. Your opinions will help me about what should I do


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