Deeper on height with girls (and guys)?

How bad does it affect your sense of femininity?

I'm a short guy(5'9),that likes tall girls(5'8^^). Although I'm avery unique person sexually,a lot of "normal rules" of gender.. er,stuff apply to me. But iabsolutely love being lost in my girls arms,snuggling under her Amazonian curves,or getting on my to toes to kiss the queen. Now,like isaid,ihave a unique,diverse sexuality... But Istill get my alpha manly feels when with a tall female. (Ever take a 6'4 chick out to dinner? Feeling like a boss) But most of the time(found afew girls that like it this way),it poses a problem of insecurity. "How can you protect me,if I'm bigger than you?" I've only beaten up guys twice my size. Then the comments,"Guess she's the man,huh? Haha" But honestly,how many short 5'2 girls have had their big strong 6'5 guy whipped on leash shorter than she is? Exactly. Idon't mind,iactually love it. But iguess perception Is reality.lolz

This was half rant,half question... ButIwas talking to my friend that doesn't mind short guys,but prefers tall. In fact,her man is smaller than she is. She says that to a degree,"it affects my femininity". How strong is that effect? Now,short girls are all good too,idon't judge,ihave preference. Ilove my tall girls tho,and maybe if Iunderstand More about these feelings,I can empower my short and cute little self to create a win/win with my awesome tall girl crowd.

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  • Shorter Guy: Hell to the 😱😵😩😵 No.
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  • Shorter Guy:OMG, He's so Cuuute 😍Look at his little muscles😘😁😍
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I just don't like short guys. Physical intimacy feels off. It has nothing to do with femininity or wanting him to protect me. I can protect myself and him if I need to, so yeah. Short guys and me just don't mesh well. I figured, I'd save them the trouble of going out with such a terrible person lol

    • Why? What's the big deal?

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    • A short guy's body is the same as a tall guy's body.

    • No it is not, if it was the same, they'd be the same height, with the same wingspan, inseam etc... Whatever your deal is, I don't care. I dislike short men.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I never place an emphasis on height when I'm attracted to someone. I think it would be more convenient for me to date someone that is near my height than date a person who is over 6 feet and above but, either way, I can adapt.

  • Deeper on height with girls (and guys)?
    Shorter Guy: Hell to the 😱😵😩😵 No.

    How bad does it affect your sense of femininity?
    It doesn't affect my sense of femininity at all. My sense of self is based on me not others.

    • So, being With a shorter guy wouldn't affect your sense of femininity?

      So if he's a great guy, attractive and... Short. You would still get with him?

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    • Wtf? What does height have to do with attractiveness?

    • @TheSpartan
      Height has to do with attractiveness to me. Attractiveness for me is how you look and height is a factor of how you look.

What Guys Said 2

  • At 5'9 you're not short. You're slightly above average.

    I'm more considered a short guy at 5'6. The average though is 5'8.

    I prefer shorter girls, but I can date someone an inch or two taller than me.

    • Yehh, Guess you're right. Iguess isay short, because all my friends wind up being 6'2-6'9 so I'm shoulder height on everyone in my circle, haha

  • I'm a tallish guy who prefers shortish girls.

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