Is there something wrong with him or is he just not concerned about my age?

So, I have a crush on this boy who is three years older than me. I'm 15 and he's 18. Whenever I discuss the nice things he says to me when we're texting with my family or friends they always say that there has to be something wrong with him if he's interested in someone three years younger. The only thing is, I'm extremely mature for my age. I'm sure that girls, just like me, say that all the time but its true in my case. He and I also have a lot in common. Not to mention there's nothing wrong with this guy whatsoever. He's so smart, funny, artsy, and adorable. So, my question is, do you think that he just isn't concerned with my age or do you believe there is something wrong with him?

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  • wait I'm confused on your situation. So just to get it straight you have a crush on this guy but you guys are not dating or dating?

    but your concern about whether or not he's concern with the age difference between you two correct?

    well if you guys are dating or "talking" well first of all -

    He obviously has more life experience then you - so I guess first off if you are dating him - just be careful, make sure he's a cool, honest and nice guy.

    but back to your question. if you are dating him-sometimes age doesn't matter, it's the person and personality that counts so if you said you are more mature for you age then I don't think he's concern.

    To some people age is just a number. and you say you guys have a lot in common so why would there be something wrong with him?

  • You are 15?! you are not supposed to be here! kidding... nothing is wrong with him! but something is wrong with your friends and family! My man is 8 years older!

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