He goes on dates with me, but chases (easy) girls on fb?

I'm confused. If a guy likes and respects you, and knows that you like him, yet always seem to find the most ahum slutty kind of girls and add them on fb, what does that tell you about him? It really pains me to see him add (easy looking) girls on fb, right after going on a date with me. He seems so respectful towards me, but then he does shit like that...


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  • "seem to find the most ahum slutty kind of girls and add them on fb"

    Since when did adding a girl on Facebook signify him chasing them?
    Just because you're threatened by how those girls look doesn't mean they're slutty, you're just judgmental and insecure in my opinion.

    Are you guys even exclusive?

    • if i wanted to, i could display myself in the same way as those girls for the sake of male attention, but i choose not to.
      I guess im being judgmental, i bet these girl ate very nice in person.

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    • The exact readon why im on these type of forums: some people just know how to put into words what i somehow already know in the abstract or have yet to realize. In this case i just have to acknowledge the fact that this guy is making me ferl insecure about myself. Checking his fb isn't making things better.

    • I don't think he's making you insecure about yourself, I think you were a bit insecure to begin with.
      So now you know the whole problem, stop checking his Facebook overall. If you can't trust yourself to not get excessive then don't do it at all.

  • i guess he's not COMMITED on you then ;-)

    • Yes im afraid so. What can i do to change that? Million dollar question :)

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