What type of girl is she?

A guy has been on a couple of dates with a girl. He is unsure how she feels. He has expressed he likes her. He sees her out and about with one of her friends and feels she ignored him, but also thought behind his back made his fondness for her, the cause for her laughter, fun and him her joke.
what type of girl is she?


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  • If I am reading this correctly...
    I would guess that she has closer friends male than you... at this time
    and often hears how guys "like her", be it genuine or a ploy to have sex eventually with her.

    I see her having a bit more fun unrestrained fun overtly with her other guy friends more familiar typically but don't see her at all as telling them about you, your feelings. Laughing would be about something else entirely, as you are just beginning to crawl across her radar screen.

    Tenacity wins the gal if caring for her is in play.


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