Was my ex girlfriend trying to set me in my place or prove a point?

She fell hard for me was very submissive. Crazy about me no doubt. parents hated me wouldn't let us to be together. We exhuasted all efforts to try and make it work. We decided to move out together. Was going to be rough but she backed out last minute. She called me next day begging for me back pretty much. I told her to stick by her choice.

I remember when we could only see each other once a month she said i acted like I didn't want her around. Said I just use her for sex and then only talk about me. I remember I would message her sometimes and she would nudge me off like my battery is dying message you later. She got mad when I only asked her for nudes I guess. She nudged me off quite a lot though. At the movies.. message u later. Said that do many times lol. She was never like this before. Was she just trying to act like she doesn't care to get more attention or something? I remember during the breakup she mentioned I had no idea how u wanted me to act. She said she felt used and didn't believe I loved her. She is only 18 years old. Or maybe she just did lose interest. She did leave me. But I know it was causing her emotional hell.. you could tell she always thought I was out of her league. I think she left because she didn't trust me to treat her well and she would of been stuck with me.



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  • I understand your confusion. Girls are way too confusing. In my opinion, being a girl, I don't think you did anything wrong. I think she was trying to prove a point but we (girls) take thing too literally if a guy doesn't text us back right away we over think it. You did nothing wrong in my opinion. But maybe she felt like you weren't putting enough effort into the relationship and that's why she left.

    • Yeah she even said that. we'll she needed to trust me that I was going to be there for her because she was throwing out everything else for me. She would of been stuck and just didn't trust. That's what I get at. My other half says she might of lost interest? Based on what I've told you what do you think

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    • Do you think she's cutting all contaCT because it's a constant reminder of what she can't have or she just doesn't want me anymore

    • I think it's both

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  • Yeah, it seems to me she left because of lack of trust.

    • So why do you think she nudied me off like that