Ana likes Gangsters

why do girls like gangsters?

for those of you girls who like "fake a**" gangster boys.

I gotta ask why!?

(ill probably receive hate mail for this)

more than half of the soo claimed gangsters have never been jump in, never heard of the origin of their gang or never been locked up. posing to be something they've never had any experience in.

im sitting here wondering what's the appeal that attracts girls to guy who pose a fake image and wear clothing bigger than their actual clothing.

~~ for those who sag their pant below their ass.

a little history note. the pant sagging started in prison.

prison politics states that if you sagg your pants below your ass, its an open invitation too get rammed in the bum hole.

just though you'd like to know that. ^_^


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  • I honestly steer away from the gangsters. They scare me. haha

    Guy + sagging pants to the knees = me not interested at all.

    I am one of the most non-judge mental people you could ever meet, but when I spent a year going to school in Flint, Mi (a.k.a ghetto U.S.A), and spent an entire day hiding in the back seat of my car crying because a gang was going around shooting women in the head for their initiation, I became pretty traumatized and now just try to keep myself away from guys that look like trouble. ;)

  • They're hot and not boring. If they look strong and not like a p**** then they are more attractive to girls. Why would a girl wanna date a pussy?


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