This girl lead me on and stop talking to me all of a sudden?

I met this girl through a friend, we dated for over a month. Her ex broke up with her about a year ago and she was gutted what I heard from my friends.

She briefly told me on our first date why she liked her that point I was thinking she's not over her ex yet...I should not put too much into this girl. But the rest of the date was great we event extended the date. I was so into her already at this point...

We had some very good time together she would text and say how much she enjoy the time etc after every date.

She was caring, nice and we almost text every day. We share a lot of day to day experience. We have some common interest and we would plan ahead where we going etc.

But out of the blue she stop responding to my text or give 1 word answer and when I saw her she was acting like I'm her I ask her what's wrong she said nothing....

Couple of days later she text me she only want to be friends.

I'm sure it's not her ex wanting her back because they not together right now.

You guys think I been used as a bounce back or something? It make things so awakard between our friends and I don't want to see her anymore...


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  • She probably wanted to move on and found a nice guy then got scared because she was experiencing feelings and had a fear of being hurt again, so she just ditched you cold turkey. Is it mature? No. Would she have done it delibrately? No. She just tried and found she wasn't ready.

    • We are both over 30 but she does act a little in mature sometime. I have no problem when people are up front and honest so I can move on. If she still want to be friends I think she did the wrong move on going cold turkey. Maybe she was inexperienced in dating and don't know how to reject guys.

      I normally will tell the person I don't have chemistry by text after 1st or 2nd date and move on. But she seems to giving me a little hope and want hang around.

      Add to that I went cold turkey after that she texted me couple of time to check how I was doing.

      I think she seems to regret what she did and try to be close friends again. When we do tumble into each another I just say hi and move on to do my own thing.

      My NC also failed I texted her couple of times and meet up with her for a coffee after that but when I ask her out again she said no she too busy. NC again.

      I try not to pay attention to her and think of her that much but it's hard. I'm sure I will see her again at some point

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