Should I tell my guy friend how I feel?

I've recently developed feelings for my closest guy friend and I can't hide it anymore. The problem is that I don't think he reciprocates these feelings. Would it still be worth it to risk rejection and tell him how I feel? This is not really about me hoping he says he likes me back. It's more about wanting to be sincere and upfront with him but I also don't want to make things awkward. What do you guys think?


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  • Only you can answer that. Can you stand not letting him know how you feel? What about the friendship, are you willing to loose him as a friend when / if you do tell him?

    Me personally, I'd want to know. Will I always reciprocate those feelings? No. It's just how I'm wired if I'm not attracted to her, it'll never go beyond the friendship stage.

    Just because he talks to you about other girls, doesn't guarantee he doesn't like you how you like him.


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  • Yes. -----


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  • I think you should because you never know maybe he does feel the same about you but I warn you if he doesn't it will hurt. I told my best guy friend that I liked him and it ruined our friendship by I don't regret telling him my feelings.

    • Did he distance himself after you confessed your feelings? I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me back because he always tells me about the people he likes and things like that. So I'm mentally prepared for a rejection but I really care about our friendship and would be devastated if this ruined it.

    • I told him the last day of school. He let me down easily but told me a lot of girls have liked him and I'm just another one so that kind of broke our friendship. I think when you tell him just don't do it over text say it face to face. I know that's scary but it's more personal. If he doesn't feel the same way tell him I don't want this to ruin our friendship and I don't want you to look at me differently I just needed to tell you how I feel because I'd regret it if I didn't