Have you ever told somebody that you would never date them because they are not cute but you didn't want to be mean so you let them down nicely?

Just wandering if you have ever let someone down nicely instead of being really mean cause you didn't want to date them I actually said to one guy that I didn't want to date him it hurt his feelings really He was like why not?


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  • uh nah... talking to a guy like that isn't ideal=/
    u can't be like, i dont wanna date u.

    if u dont wanna date him, just say you're not ready for a relationship although you're flattered by him asking [if he did]. thing is, most men r terrified to ask, and having to risk looking rejection in the face isn't easy. if he took that step of asking u out [especially if he wasn't confident], then it usually means something, so make sure u dont shut a man down in a way that makes him feel absolutely shattered.


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  • Of course not if and when I reject a girl it's always with dignity and respect, it's hard enough asking a person out, you shouldn't be mean to them that's just wrong.

  • I always let girls down nicely.

    • I let guys down nicely but some people say it mean anyways I do say sorry if I let a guy down nicely lol

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  • This actually happened my sophomore year in high school. This guy liked me, but I just wasn't interested in him because I wasn't his first choice and because I wasn't attracted to him at all. So he asked me out and I kept holding my answer off. I feel that it will still hurt them either way. Because I said it to him as nice, but straightforward, as I can possibly put it, but he still looked really devastated. I felt horrible, but relieved because it didn't lead him on. That much. I hope I answered your question. 😊❤️

    • Lol yeah thank you lol well I told this dude I didn't want to go out with him sorry and he was really sad lol poor guy but he wasn't cute at all never ever would date him lol and then everyone on Facebook was like don't be mean lol I said I'm not being mean it's the truth lol oh well he got over it funny story actually I think you would be laughing too lol 👌

    • He's also in the Marines and he was like would you date a marine and I go yeah not you though lol then everyone laughing except him oh well

    • Lol. I honestly don't know why people want you to lower your standards just because a person is nice. It's unrealistic. If I'm not attracted to you, we won't have a good relationship. And just because someone's in the marines, doesn't mean your automatically attractive. Lol. People these days. 😖😅

  • No. I prefer to be straightforward.

    • So you will just be like no way your ugly to the guy? Instead of saying sorry I don't want to date you

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    • Yeah I'll tell guys that too lol

    • If I don't want to date them

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